2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Im doing great with the language, mothers day we can talk in Spanish. everything is going great here and my companions are great. One is from Hawaii and the other Utah. They are really awesome and we are all loving our missions.
I heard about that movie, It was written by an atheist so that's why its so bad. That so awesome he is going there. Maybe he will get my trainers brother for his trainer. 

  This week we had two baptisms!!  It was the Baptisms of Selena and Zuleha. But just to get this baptism to happen was so crazy. The adversary truly trying with all his might to stop it. We can into several scheduling conflicts and had to change the time and location of the baptism about 5 times and the whole program had to change as well. Several times we just did not think it was going to happen. But we prayed fervently and just kept trying with all our might. We learned we have to preserver with faith no matter how hard the trial is, and man did the blessing show. It was so beautiful to see this two girls i have come to love take that amazing step, it was powerful. The one who did the baptisms is a young man, a perspective elder. He felt the spirit so strong when he was baptizing them. He told us he wants those feelings again and he really knows he needs to serve a mission. I know the baptism had to be at that building at that time so he could baptize the two girls instead of the person who was suppose.  Because the one who was suppose to had something to do at that time. but it worked out perfectly. They were confirmed on Sunday members and i could not be happier. Also this up coming weekend tulio will be baptized. We finished up the lessons yesterday and he is ready. I have truly come to love this man and am so grateful that i was trusted to teach all this people.

Saturday morning was also incredible. but started crazy. We received a call at a call at like 10:30 with some other problems with the baptism so we had to get up fix it change stuff and ended up having to write talks so all in all we did not get to be until 1 in the morning to make sure everything went smooth. We would have usually done it during studies in the morning but that morning we had to get up at 5 am and drive an hour and a half north to go up to the U.S. Army Ranger Training facility to do a LDS Sacrament service. we were running on about 3 hours of sleep but it was an incredible experience to see this strong men take of the sacrament (Which they had not had the opportunity to do in about 8 weeks)  And to hear they testimony's and conversion stories. We also had the opportunity to give these 3 men blessings as well. I felt so honored to be able to do my part for these men that our defending our county by being able to do the sacrament for them. It was very humbling to see. They only get to eat once a day right before bed so they destroyed the left over bread we still had in the loaf.  It was so  amazing, i cant wait to go back in the next weeks and do it again. 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24, 2014

Its going to be sad to see the house go but its what ever, did it snow at
all this year? it looks so dry. Defenatly going to have to be super careful
this year. You should really start working on a food storage though. I
think it is something that we should really do. at least start with water.

This week was filled with fun filled work. So we are most likely going to
have the baptism of the one girl this week. its all set up for this
Saturday at 12 so we are praying. Tulio when we taught him on Friday still
wants to be baptized. Still has some confusion on what the book of Mormon
is. (thinks its an exert from the bible written for the Americas) But he
says he believes its the word of God so i guess that's good. We still have
to teach the Big commandments though. And don't know if we will get in
enough times to teach him all of it by Saturday. But its alright, i would
rather slow it down a little bit and really help him understand it than
just push it all to get a baptism. I know he will be baptized because he
said if its a commandment of God to be baptized we should do it. So if not
this week, the next week for sure!!

This week we were given another challenge from the Zone Leaders to take our
contacting up another step and reach the 70 contacts for the Stander of
Excellence the Mission Prez has set. So we excepted. It was awesome!! It
pushed us out of our comfort zone. Because, yes we were kinda trying to get
numbers but we did not let anybody pass us up! We talked to everyone, even
if we had to go chase them down. But it was good fun to do that. We even
have several people we are going back to this Saturday to follow up. It use
to be scary to run up to people but i love it, its fun and it gives us
another chance of helping more people come unto Christ. So we are trying to
fulfill that propose and pass nobody up. So we did take the challenge and
we did it! we got 73 for the week. It was allot of time but we got it done.

Last thing, the family from Spain i talked about a while ago came to our
branch just to see how it is. The wife loved it, she loved the woman in
there and she loved being back in her culture. ( Cause she is half Mexican)
He did not though, he had that very proud Spaniard way with him. He said
nobody could understand him cause of his accent and that he could not
understand them. all the Spanish was to different. In my head i was
thinking "welcome to everyday of my life, 100 different accents. and i have
to understand them all". So they are going back to the English ward. And it
is about 30 minuets closer to them. But when we get the sisters in the
Buford area, the wife will love to go out with them. I love that family but
they are just so far we cant teach them anymore, so the English is taking
the teaching back over.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

Sorry about that, he did and "early april fools" and i did not read the P.s. at the bottom. I just read "Zeke died" and freaked out. I told cale in a letter just now to start Spanish and saxophone so we can do that together when i get home. so maybe that will get him to do it. So who is going to buy a new TV for the basement? That's so awesome to hear he put in his mission papers. I'm stoked for him! He will be a good missionary.  But about the Eagle thing is true. I wish i had gotten it but im much happier i chose to do a mission. if i could have one or the other, this one for sure.

  this week went pretty swell. To start last Monday we had to cut P-day short so that we could go teach the to girls. We had to do a team up. So me and elder Auelua went and taught. It was a very intense lesson. When we asked if they wanted to be baptized they said yes, but the mom said no, but only to one of them. She then went off and told us how the older one is not ready, how she needs to change allot of things about her life and needs to grow up and stop doing the things she is doing. The younger one though she says she is ready, and she is. She remembers everything we teach and is doing what she needs to. But she does not know if she wants to be baptized without her sister. the problem is though the mother said the older one cant get baptized for at least 2 months. So tomorrow when we teach we are going to let the younger one that she could be an awesome example to her older sister and that she could help her by her example. so we will see how that goes.

Tulio is (like i said) still coming to church, it marks 3 times. We are going to take our ward mission leader with us this Wednesday to teach with us. we are hoping to teach third lesson and to clear up why he should not wear his cross neckless anymore. He has progressed well, he has found work so now his mind is not so occupied with thoughts of back home. He has done his reading and really likes the family feeling of the church. He is still on date for the 29th (so ill get back to you if he is going to make it, or else we can wear black that day for what was suppose to happen) This week had a challenge from the zone leaders to get 50 contacts so we made sure we did. The way we did it was knocking doors and the most effective way was going to this store were allot of Hispanic men sit to waiting for people to come by and offer work for the day. So we track over there and just ask people if they want a picture of Christ and they say yes cause  they are Hispanic, then we introduce ourselves and talk about Christ. On Saturday we got 16 contacts doing that, cause we can contact them in big groups, its really cool.

Con Much Amor Siempre
Elder Lamb

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 9, 2014

Thank you for taking care of Zeke for me, if possible could you try to feed here every 2 weeks. thank you for the picture, this email site does not allow videos i guess. I will try to keep pictures coming to keep that blog well stocked. Please thank Christine for doing that.

 This last week was a slower week for us. But the weekend was really awesome!! so on Saturday we had Elder Cook come talk to us. He talked allot about that the mission we are in in the mission where the lord wants us to be. He explained a little on how they choose the mission in where you are to serve. He let us know that they really listen to the spirit to make sure they have it correct. He also shared a story about how somebody does not need to be poor or hungry or anything like that to be ready to revive the Gospel. ( I actually have a cool story i will tell about that in just a moment) But he told a story how this family was very well off and had no problems of any kind, but they were still ready and willing to accept the restored gospel. This family was Pentecostal and when the members of the Pentecostal church found out they gave them a TON of anti stuff. So the missonary's took Elder cook with them. And Elder cook said the missonary's told him that the were sure everyone in the family except the father had a testimony. But Elder Cook shared how when they were saying the opening prayer he received an impression from the holy ghost that told him that the father already knew the church was true. So after the prayer he asked the father if he believed that the church was true. The father answered yes. Even with all the Anti stuff and not being made humble by poverty or anything they were willing and ready to accept the gospel. So we cant ever rule anyone out because of how much money they might have or how they may appear. We never know till we try if they are ready to receive this message. 

So the experience i want to share that is kinda like that is this. So first ill give some back ground. So last week we received a call from this lady in a English ward in our area asking us if we would go and visit some of their recent converts. When we asked why she said, Cause the parents don't understand English very well and we want y'all to teach them the lessons over again in Spanish for them. ( why we were not called over there to teach them before baptism we still don't know why, but what ever) so anyway we agreed and then she told us that they are from Spain. So we were like crap, cause over there they speak in tu form and in vosotros, two forms we don't really ever use. So we made sure to quickly learn those two forms. But when we went to there house right off the bat you could see that they were very well off. so we went in and talked with them and became quick friends, but the best part was when we started teaching, you could see the desire they have to learn and feed on every word of the gospel. Especially the wife. She keep asking questions cause she wanted to understand and learn, it was so awesome. The best part was though that i finally felt at home with Spanish. their accent was very different but it clicked so quickly and i understood it all. I had such a fiery desire to speak Spanish. And even one point i was able to answer a question she had because i was able to understand even when my to companions who have more time in the mission could not understand. I was such a gift from god, and now i feel just at home with Spanish and don't want to shut up!!  Learning Spanish has been a very humbling experience but one i will be eternally grateful for. 

Also this weekend the two girls we lost last week, the older one came to church yesterday and then later last night texted us telling us that her mom said we can teach them again, so we are going to plan on putting them back on date for the 29th. 

Thank you for the emails and the things i get to learn from you about the stuff that you taught at church, they always help me learn something i will need for the week.

Con Mucoh Amor
Elder Lamb

P.s. he is a picture of me and my trainer and the others he has trained, and elder henson. i know its blurry but i did not take it.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2, 2014

Cumming is in my area now, its more north of where we usually work but we could always go there. Im still in car. there are no Spanish biking areas in the mission. Bikes are really only for exchanges nothing else.  You two can go ahead and be sealed its fine with me, ive seen a sealing now so its all good. Man he is so lucky to be going to mexico, i want to be in a county were i dont have to speak any English, i would be able to learn even faster. cause even if we try we are going to speak English. Because not everyone we knock into speaks Spanish. and all the meetings are in English.

 This we had our share of trials and hard times here in the mission. With all the success we have been having it was about time for the hard times to come rolling in. the beginning was great! On Pday last week we had to go teach a lesson at the Mall of Georgia at 10. We did not want to do that on a Pday but we knew we would be blessed if we did. And we were. Her Name is Rosi Valoria. She is from Columbia, she has 2 special needs kids and on other child. They are all older and down in Columbia. She wanted to meet with us cause she went to the church one time down in Columbia and liked what she felt. she said she used to only believe in science. But she told us her life was always in turmoil because she was far away from God. She she told us anything we tell her she is going to believe, because she needs to find God and she also accepted baptism for the 29th of March. Then we meet Tulio the next day, he is from Dominican republic. He has had a crazy life, he showed us his scars from when he got shot when he was down there, he has a really cool accent that can be had to understand at times but it is good practice. He really love the First Vision when we said it. The coolest part though is that, the only reason he wanted us to come over is because he remembers how in his country the Missionary's were so nice and would help him out when he needed it. So by their example we are able to teach him and help him progress. He also accepted baptism for the 29th of March. Both of them came to church as well yesterday. Rosi canceled out on work because she felt like it was more important that she went to church than work!!

The end of the week how ever was a trial, Saturday ALL of our appointments canceled on us, when we were driving our tire popped as well, so we had to put the spare on and drive to pep boys and wait two hours to get a new tire. Then yesterday the worst part. We have been teaching two grand daughters of some of our members, they were going to get baptized this Saturday but everything feel though. they have been having some struggles at home in the family and then the younger one told there mom that the older one had a boyfriend and that he is a guy from church. So the mom took it as though she just wants to go to church to see guys. We called the parents last night to talk to them, then father said that they need to take a brake and let the family settle everything that is happening. SO we lost those two for now, but we will keep praying. A cool thing that happened though that while we were just leaving the door step of our canceled appointment there was this Hispanic guy standing at the end of the drive way. He started talking with us! he said he went to the church several times back in Texas, but then he moved here and he does not know where the church building is, so we gave him a card and he said he could not come this Sunday but the next one. We did not get his number but he said he would give us a call later on this week!      

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb
P.s. i dont have allot of photos of my comps, but here is one and a cool mail box

February 23, 2014

This week was truly a blessed week. it started by finding out that my area
> is not what i thought it was. The Elders up here have really been doing
> great work. They had a family baptized about 3 weeks ago. The first
> baptisms in this branch since May. The reason i had heard that they were
> lazy missionary's is because for the longest time this area has had
> disobedient missionary's and nothing else. So everyone just thinks who is
> up here is a lazy missionary. But we are on the quick track to fixing that.
> We now have 3 people on date and were able to find a new family to teach.
> We got this family by a referral from the zone leaders.  when we went there
> we gave her a blessing cause she was sick and wanted it. After she started
> crying and said she knew that what we had said would help her become better
> and that what we said was true. we are going back on Thursday with a
> member. we are really excited about it!
> In just the last 4 days we have seen so many miracle's. we were able to put
> another of our investigators on date for the 22 of march. and on Thursday
> we were able to get 7 other lessons and a lesson with a recent convert. we
> found 2 potential investigators that day as well. this weekend though was
> amazing. So on Friday we received a text about this less active that needed
> help moving. None of us knew who this family was but we jumped on the
> chance to help them. We went over and helped them move, we were going to
> have to make several trips and it was far. So to save miles we rode with
> him in his truck. It was the best thing we could have done. He opened up to
> us about his whole life and how not to log ago things were going really
> great, he had allot of money, big house, nice car, most the things you
> could want in life. But the one thing he did not have was his family.
> Because of work he could only see them once a day during the week. And he
> hated it. So he eventually quit his job because he thought he had another
> one lined up. But he ended up losing both and everything he had. The house
> foreclosed, car repossessed and his money. Then him and his family and to
> live in a one room house in the ghetto. But he was finally able to find a
> job that does not pay allot but enough for their needs. (we helped them
> move into there new house) but during all this time he was less active. But
> he told us he wanted to start coming back to church cause he wants his
> children to have that good foundation. And they did! They came back to
> church yesterday for the first time in who knows how long. We are really
> going to work with them to help them stay active because they are awesome.
> It really helped build my testimony about helping less actives come back.
> Because although baptisms are great and its what we are here to do, if we
> can help less actives come back to activity its is just as amazing. Because
> they to can partake in salvation and there children as well and then on and
> so forth. Just by reactivating a family you help bring salvation to
> countless souls in the future years.
> And is that not why we are here? Some think if its not a baptism then its a
> waste of time and you are not being fruitful. But helping ANYONE come to
> Christ more fully in never a waste of time or effort. Because are calling
> is to help find the new sheep, but also to find the lost sheep. And here we
> have over 100 lost sheep in this branch alone, so we are going on a search
> and rescue mission to find them. And we will see what new sheep we can find
> along the way. Im very excited to be in this area. Our work is cut out for
> us here, but we will do it. We are ready and willing and we will do all we
> can before the sun sets and our time to work is finished. We will not waste
> one day cause we cant afford a wasted second. so we will work with our God
> to the salvation of many souls.  Cause with God, nothing is impossible.
> Im happy to hear that you did not lose Zeke, would not have been happy, bet
> you would not have been either. But thats funny to hear that she pooped
> every where. Instead of the orange bag i usually use a pillow case. Its a
> little bigger and easier to get here in. But thank you for taking car of
> her. Thank you for those quotes of encouragement. I have tried talking to
> cale about school but he just does not seem to give a crap. so ill keep
> trying though.
> Con Mucho Amor
> Elder Lamb
> P.s. this is my bed

February 17, 2014


Well it is official i am leaving my greeny area. Im excited but mostly
upset. Not because i dont want top leave but because i am going to get 2 of
the most lazy missionary's in the mission so im very upset about that. Its
had enough having one lazy missionary. But now i will have two. So pray for
me that i will be able to change them.

This week was the worst week so far. We basically had 4 Pdays this week. We
could not go out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  so for Wednesday 7 of
us hiked over to the stake center and had a Nerf war. It was snowing like
crazy and the ice on the roads were so bad. So we decided to role play
"Band of Brothers" at the stake center.  But on Thursday we were suppose to
stay in as well, but we did righteous disobedience and went out and did
some work. We did not get allot done but it helped us feel better about our
selves. Friday was super awesome! That investigator i talked about last
week got married and baptized! The wedding was not really anything special.
Nothing big and flash. They were sitting down while the Bishop read all the
stuff. Then they kissed and then he headed off to the baptismal font. It
was so cool to finally be able to see him go down into the water. He had
waited such a long time for it. They are a great family and i am going to
keep in contact with them so that i will be able to she them get sealed in
the temple next year. Because if anyone's going to make it it is going to
be them. They are so awesome.

We are getting ready to gear up for our next Nerf war. It has kinda become
our Pday tradition. Im hoping i will be able to get it going in my new
zone. Because once again i am covering the whole Zone. There used to be two
areas there but the got ET'ed out 2 transfers ago. Also in good news they
have started making biking sisters again in our mission. Because the
mission went 8000 miles over the amount we get each month. So Salt Lake
wants to start taking cars out. And sisters have most of them.

That cars are so sweet! Is grandpa keeping that truck a manual? He better,
that truck is to awesome not to. The temple looks HUGE! I want to go there
when i come home. also I heard there is a temple being built in fort
loterdale. I wish we had a Temple in our mission. The Atlanta temple is
like 2 miles out of the mission so we cant really ever go to it.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

February 9, 2014-20 weeks out!

Man Reagan told me about the snow that yall got there in Utah as well. I
miss it allot. Its fine though, when i return the season will just be
getting ready to start. The mission president does go home in June. We will
have a new one. We dont know anything about him though, its still along way
off. Ill let you know though if we learn anything. Hey I heard there is
this new movie coming out about two missionarys that we kidnapped in Russia
along time ago and its about there story. If you have not heard about it go
look it up it is pretty awesome. Its called the stroginoph approach. Or
something like that.

This week went well. My comp was sick AGAIN, so i finally convinced him to
go to the doctor. He is finally better, but then one of the Elders of
Kennesaw got sick as well! so elder henson stayed with him and I went out
with the other two elders and once again did the teaching. which is fine it
builds my Spanish allot cause its all on me. I actually like it that way.
Its also fun Being in a hybrid group cause i dont have to talk to any
English people! and i get all the Hispanics for my self.

Its crazy to think Im going on my 4th transfer! it also stinks :( we have
finally got a ton of people to teach that are really progressing. Only
about half of those investigators and progressing. the other half just come
every week and are basically members but wont get baptized.  Its annoying
but with time. But its sad because its about a 90% chance that i am out of
here this transfer which is good cause im ready for a new experience but
bad cause we finally have people that are getting past lesson 2. So i dont
want to leave cause we are finally teaching people. With my trainer we did
not teach a whole lot. I believe it was cause he had been here for 7
transfers and he had done all he could here and it was his time to leave.
But now we are finally teaching and im most likely leaving. But the good
part is there are only 8 Spanish areas so i have a high chance of coming
back here later on.

This last Thursday-Sunday were some really good days. ON Thursday we were
driving to diner and we heard it might snow but did not believe it. But on
the way it started to snow and we were like "heck no! we ain't gettin stuck
way out here. But while we were in dinner it stopped. it did scare us
though. then on Friday we decided to go to lunch with some elders in our
district before weekly planning. Now you need to know that this elders
always attack us with Nerf guns every time we come over so we decided to
arm ourselves as well. So when we rolled up to there apartment we kicked in
the door and let them have it. Then they got theirs and it turned into all
out war for like 20 minuets. Nobody won, we were all just tiered. It was
awesome, and we are actually having a huge Nerf war with like 10 Elders
today in the Gym at the stake center so wish me luck! Then Saturday we had
a great lesson with one of our investigators, we taught the Plan and it
went well. But the best part is though that one of our Investigators is
finally getting married this Friday! He called us Last night and told us he
wants to be baptized on Saturday! so out of the many possible baptisms we
have i will get at least one. They are a very solid family so i know that
in a year i can go to there sealing in the temple cause if anyone they will
make it.

Other than all that not anything to special happened. Im just about to
finish the book of Alma i got two chapters left (in Spanish) I love reading
in Spanish, I think it just sounds so much cooler.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

P.s. here are some pictures from the snow storm.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Parents and Loved Ones of Missionaries in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission

As you may have heard, a winter storm has been moving through Georgia the last few days. The missionaries were not allowed in their cars or on their bikes yesterday. They have been asked to stay in their apartments today. All are safe and accounted for. As far as we can tell, none of them were ever in any danger. We are grateful for their safety and for your prayers.

President and Sister Wolfert
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

February 3, 2014

That is really cool to learn about Cain i always wondered that as well. So thank you for that explanation. I did write Parker back last week, so i hope that my email helped him. Its really awesome to hear that he went to church. You should stop by and check on Reagan and his family. I know his mom has been going back to the hospital allot.

The storm was crazy! we had heard that it was going to snow like 2 inches (which back home is nothing) but here it is literally the end of the world! We were having interviews with our mission Prez when it started. Nobody really cared except for them. So we rushed through them and then they left. We were told to end our district meeting and go home. So we did, and went to lunch first though. (cause we got nothing in our house) after that there was about .5 of an inch of snow. We took some other elders home. They lived about 1 mile away and it took us 30 minuets to drive that! we saw like two accidents just in that 1 mile!  After that we started our 4 mile drive back home. It was crazy! I was the one that was driving. Which was good because my comp is from Arizona and has not driven in the snow. But it took us 2.5 hours to get home! so we literally were going 2 miles an hour all the way home. We stayed in the apartment till later that night then went out with some other elders to go get dinner (cause we had to cancel ours) It was very well looked like the world was ending. No body was obeying traffic laws, traffic light had no effect, and no body could go anywhere cause there was so much ice! I have videos of it but dont know how to load those. There was so many people helping push cars but there were so many cars it did not really help. Also the cops had cables on there cars trying to push other cars up the really icy parts. The next day we could not do anything again. so we walked around. The abandoned cars were every were!! we ate at a dunkin doughnuts and we heard people talking about it. Apparently there was over 1200+ accidents in just one night, like 5 people died and a baby was born on the 82. also everyone was at wal mart buying everything they could like it was going to last forever. Just goes to show how important it is to be prepared.  

The rest of the week kinda stunk, my comp got sick AGAIN! so i went on exchanges with the kennesaw elders again. We stayed in my area though (so the whole zone) and went to allot of Hispanic places so that i could really use my Spanish. It was great fun. Then we went to our dinner and the wife there is so funny. Elder Denton of kennesaw said he was going to get married when he went home ( so he would be 24) And she just threw him down saying stuff like "you have to be at least 26 bla bla bla" all in Spanish so i had to translate for her and him ( which was allot of fun) but he could not get her to change her mind she said " You will remember me when you go home, get married and realize you had no fun in life" I was dieing all night. I may or may not of changed some of his sentences though ;) 

We some how did do decently. We had 10 investigators at church. The usual 6 and 4 new ones. It was there first time to church. We think they liked it, we hope. this week we hope will be good (just pray my comp gets better soon) Sitting in the apartment all day really stinks.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb 

P.s. I do have pictures and videos i just forgot my camera cord, so next week.

January 27, 2014

Thats to bad that everyone is moving, but o well it seems like most everyone is going to be there. I finally drove this week!! For the fist few moments i was scared like " i have not touched a steering wheel since September, were going to die i just know it" The people here are also very aggressive drivers and I'm not!  We have lived thus far with me driving though. This week for us was very productive. I wish we could do the things like you do but... we make do with what we have. We got 75 doors knocked or 75 contacts. had several lessons with a member present and we put one of our investigators on date. She has two kids that are 13 and 9 that we will try to put them on date next time we meet. They just were not there this last time. they are a real awesome family and she likes the message so far. So were praying that it will happen! also yesterday we went to this other church, called First Baptist Woodstock. Like seriously this thing is the great and spacious building from lehis dream. It seats like 10,000 people. we went to the Spanish branch of it of course and that's allot smaller but not any less a show than the other. We walked in and they had smoke everywhere so you could see there laser light show, then the singing was VERY loud and irreverent. then the pastor guy started preaching and he was like yelling and teaching in all honesty nothing. then he said the "closing prayer" you could tell he was getting WAY into it then the best part. They started playing music during his prayer. And it was right then i knew that nothing this church had was true. It was all staged and planned and false, i don't know how anyone could ever think that that was how Jesus ran his church. the spirit was not there at all, so what ever they were feeling definitely it was not that. It was all in all crazy. Just another testimony of the truthfulness of this church, that it has been restored and the priesthood is with this church only and that this church is ran exactly how Jesus ran his church in times of old.
Besides that experience the week ran pretty smoothly, we really feel like we worked hard to get what we did this week. we did have some dropped appointments and stuff but we made the best of our time when it happened. We could of just done nothing, but what would that accomplish? nothing, that's what. Hard work is one thing that i really do love now!
Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

January 20, 2014

Well thats good that they found out he did it. I dont care if you file a report or not. i got over that hace mucho tiempo. If your could, could your just put that on my UCCU card that i have. Also When ya'll move can you leave my Church records at the Cedar hill 16th ward. My plaque also. I dont want it to be hanging in a church were no one knows me. Also i don't want to give my home coming talk at a ward that i know nobody. So though you may move can you just leave my stuff there.

this week was super slow... not because we had nothing to do but because my companion was sick 4 out of the 7 days. It was not like extremely bad though. I was able to go exchanges with the English Elders of Kennesaw. one of them would stay at the house with my companion and i went with them. Though on the times i was home i did do allot of stuff. First day i re did the area book, called about 20 former investigators, (only like two answered) called some potentials and had a mini weekly planning sech alone. i also read a ton of scriptures and the ensign and studied Spanish. I did not take any naps though. Which i probably should of but o'well. i actually have a picture to go with it! we actually had to leave church after first hour yesterday. I felt like back at home and all the times i ditched out after first hour. I did not like it. The Santos family is off date because he works SO much we cant ever get in with them and they cant make it to church on Sundays cause he works. Its sad cause they are an awesome family. But we will keep working with them. we were however able to get two really solid new investigators this week. one we are going back for a third visit and the other our second later this week. So the week was not a loss at all, i learned allot and was able to have a good time on those exchanges (except for the English people dinners, those stink)  this week is setting up very well, and my companion hopefully is better.

I dont know my address perfectly so you can just send it to the mission office and ill get it eventually. I use the one that does not have the 3 circals on top. 

Thank you, the language is coming fine. on that exchange we went to one of our members and i taught the lesson and talked with them. So i feel i am doing well.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

January 13, 2014- Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Father

Happy Birthday!! Yesterday. This is the closest i could get to the actual date.

Its cool to hear that cale is doing better with snowboarding, it was really hard to get the S turns down. but once i did it made doing it a lot more fun. so im happy he was able to get that down. That's one thing i really miss is snowboarding. i have heard from several people that the snow has just been great this year. 

Its weird to think that Malcolm comes home tomorrow. guess its going to be a very long time before i see him. 

Are you Hyrums  basketball coach by change? Brynns brother. I think she told me a while ago that you are. I can remember though.

This week was a great week for us here in the Cherokee Branch. I was very happy that Elder Henson got to stay here in the area with me because i was not ready to lead the area, because he has been here a transfer we go about it together.  We were actually able to put the Santos family  back on date for the 25 but we are going to have to change it only cause we have stake conference that day. All in all we had a good week. We had 5 lessons with a member present, which is impressive. we also got allot of referrals as well, which is great and we were able to get 70 contacts. Our goal was 50 for the week because we were not able to knock the fist 2 days of the week. But we made sure we went out every day for 2 hours and were able to still get 70 even with being 20 behind. one day we had 22, all of which were Hispanic because we were knocking in miny Mexico up in canton. It really helped show me that when we are obedient in doing what we are asked God will always provide a way to fulfill our goals.

We also this week made sure in weekly planning to plan SUPER hard so that we can stay busy during the week. we were able to get appointments set up and have a solid game plan set up for this week, so it should be really good.

I hope you and the family are doing well. I got your package by the way. Thank you, i really needed it. My pants were getting worn. 

Elder Lamb

January 6, 2014

Transfers were not really a big surprise for us. My trainer is just going to be a Zone leader in the next zone over. It was funny when he got the call cause he really did not want it, but he knew it was coming. So me and Elder Henson are just staying here in the nice Marietta el Este zone.  
This week was a good last we for the dynamic trio!! we were able to teach a good amount of lessons and were able to get allot of new investigators!! We have not gotten back in with the family i talked about last week, only because we had scheduling conflicts with each appointment we set up. But Elder Henson and I have put that on the top of the list for this week. We no longer have anyone on date. Kinda sad but its ok. They are still interested and want to learn. The problem is work, especially the Hispanic family's. The father is always working, and because of the rule where we cant go in unless there is an adult male it is really difficult to teach anyone. Also one of our investigators named Saul. He was on date, he was doing really good then this last week we were teaching Lesson 2 and he gets a call from his friend for a moment and then hangs up. We asked who it was and he said " Its my friend he is waiting out side for me" He then told us he was leaving that night for Florida to work for 3 months. The awesome part is he still wants to learn, so he texted us his address when he got there so we can sent the missionary's there to him. We also told him we would call him on Saturdays and Wednesdays to see how he is. But all in all we have had a very successful year so far I love the area and am excited to be staying for another transfer.
Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

December 30, 2013- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! (in two days)

    I am about to start my Dark Year!! bum bum bummmm!!! Both of my companions are ending theirs and i'm just about to start mine. The whole year in the mish where you don't see your family. Its exciting!! 

   This last week was tiring. we did not really feel like we did a whole lot until we were adding numbers up for the week. it was then that we realized that we actually did really good! we met some of our goals, we also were able to help out some members of our Branch and were able to find a new family to teach. we did not do a whole lot for the members when we helped them, but it was the little amount that went far. On Christmas we went to Hermano Struogo's house. We did a little bit of cleaning for him and his family and did some other stuff. It was really good because instead of him having to do it he was able to spend time with his family instead. The family we found is great. we had talked to the husband about a month ago but were never able to see him again. But then on Friday we decided to go by. He was home and so was his wife. She told us that she had been taught for about 6 months by missionary about 3 years ago. But then they moved and she lost contact. She already knew a ton about the first lesson and the book of Mormon. though she has never read it. We had a great lesson with them and she promised to read the chapter we left with her. We actually have a return appointment with them tonight. we are really praying that we will be able to teach them more. She is the more religious one out of the two of them and I really feel that with allot of hard work podremos ayudarles realizar que esta inglesia es la unica inglesia de Dios. 

      I have read allot of great scriptures this week. I think my favorite ones i read are in Alma 43:44-46 These verses are talking about war but it can be taken in any aspect. Because we are at war with Satin, but if we keep these things in the forefront of our minds all the time we will know what we are fighting for and we will never give it up. Because we know its value and we know that it is our duty we owe to God to fight with all that we have to maintain it. 

I hope this week will be busy and rewarding for you!! Take care, until next week :)

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

Quote; If we will not forsake Him, He will not forsake us. 

P.s. yes i did call from our mission phone.

December 15, 2013

This week went by so fast! We were able to teach allot of lessons and get several new investigators! We were able to get 6 this week and we were able to put 4 of our other investigators on date for the 4th of January! 3 of them are in the same family and the other is just a single guy. the family we have on date we were able to start El plan de salvacion with them on Friday, but since it’s a huge lesson we told them we would have to come back to finish it. Before we even asked what day the dad told us to come back tomorrow so that it would still be fresh in his mind. so we did, we were able to get though more of El plan de salvacion and we taught El elvanjelio de jesucristo. We still did not finish the plan but we are going over tonight to finish it up. They are doing great and are really excited to learn, it’s so awesome to watch them progress and keeping wanting to learn. the single guy is doing good as well. We had to do a really in-depth clarification that El libro de mormon is not La biblia. We took him on a church tour and taught  him the restoration this far. All in all everything is going great and I love it. I’m so blessed with the trial of learning Spanish. I have also really come to love the Hispanic people.

Can you give me errols email please!! and thats too bad she could not go there. 3 people for my district in mexico went there. but keep me posted as the other preists get closer to there mission times.

also can i get you number

Love Elder Lamb

December 8, 2013

This week was all kinds of crazy. To start it i went on exchange with this elder who's like the coolest person ever and i could not wait to go on exchange with him. while we were out biking it started dumping rain. but it did not bother us we were both having such a great time. I really have come to like biking and i love exchanges now just because i get to do it. but anyway latter that night at the apartment we got a call from the zone leaders saying they had split our district but for got to tell us. so this elder was now out of my district. we both decided though that it was inspired and that's why they forgot. Then latter his companion called him to tell him he had just got off the phone with president and that he was going home. Which is super sad. He has only been here for the same time as we have. He says he will come back out so but i doubt it.
Then on Thursday our companion who is district leader had to go to a meeting for two days in the middle of the mission, so he was taking the car. and our area is HUGE so me and elder Henson were basically toast. We were able though to get a car from some other elders. The catch though is that we had to bike 12 miles to go get it. So we headed out at 6:40 and got there at 8. we were so dead by the time we got the car and came home. Then Friday because i was the missionary that has been in the area longer i had to lead the weekly planning for us. I think i did a great job though. I really have become such a better missionary out here. Also this week i gave a member of the brach a blessing in Spanish. Its crazy how much better i have gotten at it. I think the thing that has helped me the most is just reading the BOM out loud in Spanish. I can really tell that with reach book i finish my understanding goes up SO much.  
This is my address 818 clarinbridge PKWY kennesaw, GA 30144-6667
don't know if you need the last 4 numbers but its there for you.  They want us to give everyone our home address for the holidays.
Felitz Navidad
Elder lamb

December 1, 2013

This week was great! Thanks giving was the best! our mission Pres called and told everyone to just take it easy porque (dont remember it in english) it was a holiday. so we did! we played a Turkey bowl game from 8-11 then went and played basketball from 12-2 then went to dinner from 2-5 then went and played basketball again from 5-7 then went and visited members till 9. needles to say i did not feel like a missionary that day. it was basically another P-day. then the next day I was able to go to the temple with my companion porque we got a baptism this month. It was really nice to have that uplift and this time it was English! these last two days we have done allot of contacting. something cool that happened was we went to this apartment complex to find this guy a member referred us to . we did not know where he lived so we were going to have to find him. we pulled into the apartment complex. we could either go right or left. we did not know where to go, so we prayed and did the only reasonable thing to do. we flipped a coin. long story short we went right, knocked some doors, found the guy, set up a return appt and ill keep you posted from there. we also this week set a great example for allot of people by pushing this ladies car down a very busy road. It was very painful for us considering we were still swore from thanksgiving. but all in all a very happy, fun, painful week :)
yes i got your picture and thanks for sending the one of my plaque.
Love Elder Lamb

November 24, 2013

Speaking of Christmas all i want is some Spanish stuff. Like a verb book and a regular word book that i can use to study. And you should start brushing up on Spanish because when i come home that is all we are talking in. I thought it would be a great way for both of us to use it. The people are mostly from mexico. we are in a really low Spanish area. we have to travel 40 minuets to get to the area that has allot of Hispanics. But our miles just don't lets us do that every day. but this is how this week went.

This week was great we really did have some miracles. like this, On Tuesday i was on exchange with the zone leader. He came to the Spanish area because he speaks Spanish. So it was up to me to determine where we would go. we always teach a English class on Tuesday night. this week was no different. after we had an appointment set up but the guy gave us a wrong number so i was like " crap what do we do? its to late to knock doors and i don't know anyone around here."  But then i remembered that a member a few days before told us we should visit the Pina family. I did however know where they lived and they were close so we went there. we knocked on the door and there daughter answered. she said her parents were not home so we were about to leave when i remembered that another family lived in the basement. So i decided we should go try them. we talked with the wife for a few minuets then right before we left i wanted to share a scripture i had learned at district meeting earlier that day. It was Alma 32: 27-28, about faith. after she said that it was exactly what she needed to hear. she had just had her 3rd miscarriage and was so mad at everything and how she had basically lost her faith. We were able to talk to her and help her rekindle her faith. I know that his whole thing had been set up by God. That member told us the "Pina family" because god knew that i knew who they were. had the member said the other family's name i would not of known where they lived. And i was the one to stay in the area that night because i had learned that scripture during a role play earlier that day and was eager to use it.( my companion was not in my role play group) So everything had been set up just perfect. the member telling us a family to visit, the district meeting, me staying in the area, us receiving the wrong number and the Pina family not being home. It all lead perfectly so that she could hear what she need to. 

I just want to testify that i know that we have all been placed at this points in our live because it is where we NEED to be. I have come to learn that NOTHING is by chance, but that everything has a plan. even down to the smallest thing. every trial, every success, every broken spirit and every act of faith was all planned from the beginning. Nothing that happens is with out purpose. We all have potential that is unseen and as long as we put our faith in god, though it will be hard. everything we do will be for our benefit. 
I used to think i would like my mission better if it was in English, But i was wrong. I have fallen in love with Spanish.The trial of learning it is what is making me depend on the lord that much more. I have to trust he will make up with the spirit what i cant say with words. Though learning it makes it that much harder, it makes it that much more rewarding. 

Always keep your head up and remember when you feel like you cant go any more just apply the following "Pedal"

Elder Lamb

P.S. ill send you this awesome poem.

November 18, 2013

this week was kinda slow, only because we had so many meetings. the blessings of being the district leaders companion. we were able though to find allot of Hispanics this week with allot of return appointments and one of the family's we are thing to get married so they can get baptized brought there sister and her family last night and now they are new investigators. they have already been coming to church so its going great. when i was on exchange some one tried to run me and my companion over. we came over the hill, turned off his head lights and just started speeding like crazy. we jumped of the road onto the grass and he missed us and drove off. but after that we did get a ride home from some random guy and have a appointment set up with him this week. we spend a lot of time in the car because our area is huge. we have listened to "the light of men" 2 times this week. its awesome. Sorry i have run out of time but i will have two spiritual thoughts nest week!

November 11, 2013

This week has been better. I had such a fire to talk to everyone and to use my Spanish. because its not going to get better if i don't use it more. i mess it up allot and ask for how to say things all the time but its ok. the people know i am learning and help me allot. most of them speak English to so then they can really help me. i did however during exchanges talk to some Hispanic guy on the street and got all his information. so i do know more Spanish then i give my self credit for. this week was great for everything. we had 10 investigators at church this week. there are 2 family's and two regular people. they are all so close. one of the family's and one of the regular people they  just need to get married to the people they live with and the others are close. we also got 5 new investigators this week and contacted 45 people this week. which is still low but we will get back up to 70. No crazy story's this week, other than we got in a crash. but other than that it was just a common week.

 I finally read Jacob 5 this week. it is the best chapter in the book of Mormon.( if it was based on my opinion :) but the best verse's are 70-72 go give those a read. and if you have not read that chapter in a while i suggest go read it. First pray to understand it though. i read it every couple of days and find something new every time. my favorite part though is in verse 72 it says: "And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their might's; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them;" that is so true, that if we labor with all we have holding nothing back and expecting nothing then will the lord work with us so that we may accomplish what he has sent us to do. i can see the lords hand in this work and i can see that if i keep going with faith and trust in him i can not fail. there will always be those bad weeks and bad days but that does not have to slow us down. i thank god every day for all the doors slammed in our face and all the canceled appointments, because i know none of it is with out purpose. every door slammed brings us quicker to those that will listen, and those that cancel bring us to the areas were someone is looking for the gospel. and all the trials make us have to have even more faith and trust in the lord so that we can go the next day. I love this, it is easily the hardest thing i have ever done, but i would not trade it for anything. Because nothing is as of as much worth as this work. 
Love Elder Lamb 

"We go though the fire so that god can shape us into what we are to become. Because, just as metal can not be shaped with out a fire, neither can our souls be shaped with out trials."   

Also can you get errols email for me.

Elder Lamb,

November 4, 2013

I found out what it ment to be a real missionary and i did not like it :( i had to ride my bike, and it sucked! my companion here is district leader as well. (so i know i am destined to be at least a district leader) so every week we go on exchanges and he gets the car and i have to go ride a bike, and i hated it!  It would be good for me though to get the extra exercise though. Im so scarred of getting fat out here with all the food they feed us. i have to do it again tomorrow and i am not looking forward to it. nope not one bit. this week has been rough for us as well. lot of appointments fall though, only 38 people contacted and no new investigators. but we did find some people that look to have some potential so were hoping they will move forward.
On the up side though we were able to get our family baptized yesterday! it was so awesome to see them make that step and enter the water. i had to memorize the baptism prayer in Spanish yesterday before we did it. it was hard, but don't worry i did not mess it up. and yes they went ALL the way under, so we did not have to do it twice. I was super excited to have them baptized but it also left me with a unfulfilled feeling. i felt like "ya its amazing to have them here and making that step but, who else could i have had here." having them baptized has made me want to find more people. i don't feel like i am working hard enough. we have a goal for 7 baptisms this month. but its not enough, we need to have EVERYONE baptized because no one should live with out this Gospel! So don't you worry once i can speak Spanish better i will have baptisms every week, because god has prepared people and i don't care how frustrated or exhausted or inadequate i might feel WILL FIND THEM! because i pains me that anyone should have to live with out the Gospel, the hope and light it has brought me is something i know everyone needs and i brings me to the brink of tears to think so many don't have it in there life. this is for you and for me, always remember " never look back at what you have done, but look forward and see how much is left still to do." that's how i feel, that it will never be done and i will go and serve with all my heart till the bitter end. and then and only then can i look back because there is nothing left for me to do.
Love, Elder Lamb

October 28, 2013

i know i was a pretty good xbox player :) we had a crazy busy week! it was awesome though. we had a nice hour and a half drive to a lesson in blue ridge ( im in keenesaw by the way) and we had a kid throw up right after they got done with there baptism inter views. it was all over the floor it was awesome. we now have 4 stuffed moneys buckled in our back seat. we taught a bunch of lessons and knocked alot of doors. we also had some miracles. i will tell the one about the old lady first. so we were knocking doors in this neighborhood trying to find some Hispanic homes. we found one and after we talked to her we asked if there were any more. she said no. usually we would leave and go to a different area, but we just kept going. we knocked on one door, no answer. knocked on another, no answer. then right before we turned around we saw some lady out aide and decided to go talk to her. we went up to her. we noticed the trash can in front of the gate and asked if she needed help. she did, she said she had left her keys at work and had used the trash can to climb over the gate to go get her spare key, but she needed a flash light which was in her car but she could not get back over the fence. so we helped her with that and then helped her over the fence. once she got back over she told us not 2 minuets before she had prayed to god asking him to send someone to help her. she then agreed to listen to our message. we taught her the restoration and right in the middle she pinched our arms. we asked her why? she said " i watched touched by a angle last night and was checking if you two were angles" she took a book of Mormon and said we could come back this week. the second miracles was on Friday we gave this member a blessing that he could find a job, the next day he called us saying one of the places he had interviewed at called him and told him he got the job. these experiences taught me that what i am doing is right, that god really does use us to help his children. though at times it sucks when people wont do what you ask or tell you you are teaching the devils gospel or just close the door. all those thing make the little blessings that we get SO much more worth it. this week was worth it just because of those two things right there. I love this work, it is the hardest thing i have EVER done but i would not trade it for anything. Because what is more important than this work? Nothing that's what. Also Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us this week. i shook his hand and his talk was AWESOME!. 
Love Elder Lamb.
P.S. the crowning event of the week was though, we went to show this family we are baptizing on Saturday the baptism font. when we opened the door there was a foot of yellow/ green water and it stinked SO bad. we did not know what to say so my companion said it was just cleaning solution. it was really the pluming from the bathrooms backed up into the font. it was disgusting!

October 21, 2013 - I love Georgia!!!

 I love it here in gerogia!! IT reminds me of rhode island so much!! i feel like i am home. I have the best trainer. he speaks spanish really well and is helping me, he is also a hard worker and obeys all the rules. this week has been awesome. we contacted 70 people and we manneged to get 7 on date for babtism. and we are planning on haveing 2 more by the end of the week. so basiclly you can say we are going hard in the paint out here.i love knocking doors its the best!! ya we get doors shut on us all the time but who cares, when you get one door open and give a short lesson it makes all the closed ones totally worth it! I love the people here SO much they are all so nice and they all respect what we are doing. I know that speaking spanish is hard but i love it!! God knew if i had gotten called english speaking it would have been to easy for me, thats why im spanish speaking so that i can grow from the trials of learning it. But watch out when i learn haow to speak spanish flawlessly i will be babtizing people every week!  this week was awesome, we tought a stripper. no really a stripper! and some guy that had been shot in a gang fight. also i gave two blessings the day i got here and they were the first i have ever givin! also someone came naked to answer his door!! Elder Lamb.

October 14, 2013- Leaving the MTC!

well its offical, I leave the MTC at 2:30 in the mornig and will be in georgia by 12. im going to miss it here but its ok i have work to do in georgia. we are going to have to come down and go to the temple sence we will both be able to do it in spanish. 3 elders anre going to jacksonvile, one to ervine cali, 2 to macon georgia, 3 Herrmans to kuntuky and one to nabrasca. i also met some elders going to your mission. i do need more face meds and those ear drops, but other than that im good. im really going to mis it here, there has been protests in the streets that last few nights. i cant wait till this language clicks, its getting there though. i know way more spanish than i ever did german. i still love german though. i know these two years are going to fly by, thats the only thing that gets me down. Love Elder Lamb.

October 10, 2013- "To Cale"

i think about you alot to buddy, but dont cry this is what i was supose to do. two years is really not that long. you will be barley starting high school when i get back. your the man of the house along with dad now. i need you to set the example at the house for jackson, brooke, ryan and chance because im not there to do it. so can you do it? i need you to be strong. its not easy, it never is but its what you need to do. i love you so much and i want you to succed. so start getting better greades in school ok buddy. i want you to be better than i was. get your egeal, pass all your classes, listen to mom and dad, ok. i know you can do better than me cause i was not all that great. i love you. make sure to feed zeke every two weeks and will you go down to rockys house and tell her rocky is here with me and that i cary  his picture with me everywere i go. i love you, just dont think about me and be the example. love your bro Elder Lamb.

September 19, 2014- "things"

the classes are going good, spanish is hard. i did not know how much german i knew till i tried to speak spanish. but it could be worse. this harmana that got here last wedk is a 100% fluent in german. she did 5 years and two studys abrod in germany. make sure you take care of my snake. and get reagan and parkers eamil for me so i can write them and anyone else that wants news. they dont just feed use beans and rice here we get alot of other nasty attemts at american food. but its not bad, im so hungry by that time i eat everything so dont think im going hungry. those laxitives came in handy though. not for me but for a elder in my dorm. the mexico 4th of july was on saturday. we watched the proccedings on the projecter in the gym and after they told us to hurry back to the dorm so we did not get hit with falling bullets. and there was a small earthquake today.

that's really cool, thank you for sharing that with me. but i know i have better protection and help then just angels because he "Stands beside me in all that i do, watching over and guiding me" but it is nice to know that i have others there to help me to. i hope that me being on a mission truly does bless you guys back home. being in the same place sitting in a class room all day and not being able to be alone is very hard. and its harder when i think i still have 4 weeks to go. but i know if i endure it well i will have my reward. i still don't miss home though, i truly wish i could stay here in Mexico city. i think it is stunning here, it looks like Tijuana but i love it. i wish i could stay.
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Hello everybody! it is going really good down here in Mexico, it rains ever single day. we still hear gun shots every few days and explosions and sirens all day long and all night. Mexico just celebrated its Independence day and we had to be in our dorms early so we did not get hit by any falling bullets.Spanish is still a struggle but i can at least give a VERY basic lesson in Spanish and can have a tiny conversation. for all you in school that think sitting at a desk for 6 hours is hard, i do it from 7 in the morning till 9:30 at night. except for an hour at gym and an hour and a half combining all our meal times. But its still a good time, would not want to be any were else. ( except maybe in the Field) and all of you that are getting ready to go to the MTC and is addicted to Soda and fast food like i I'm. you better stop now because let me tell you it sucks not having it. also there were people that wanted to write me but i never got there email so if you are one of those people you can write me atdaxton.lamb@myldsmail.net.
sincerely Elder Lamb
can you get DJs email for me two by the way?
love you and tell the girls i love them as well

September 12, 2013

Hey this last week has been really good. spanish is still as impossibe as it ever was. the first few days were the longest things of my life, i thought two years had already pasted. the food here is ok, lots of beans and rice but i dont care because im always so hungry when time to eat rolls around. My companion and i get along really well. It is very pretty down here, im really sad i cant just stay down here in mexico city. It rains every single day down here and i dont have any of my rain stuff. so i had to buy a 3 dollor peice of hud umbrella for while i am down here. there is nothing to exciting down here though, we only hear gun shots every few days. cant wait to get to atlanta though. i am sick of being stuck on the same peice of ground.
thanks love Elder Lamb
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