2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

Its like i told mom, i think cale should go to the school by your new house, just leave mountain ridge and lone peak behind. Especially Mountain ridge, that school is a dump. So maybe ill tell him that, nobody know better about switching schools than me. 

This week we did not get 108 contacts, we still got 78 though. So still doing awesome! But the week was harder for us, we had it all changed up by a Tuesday pday cause we had interviews on Monday. So that through us off a little. Then I ended up getting some kinda bug. So between the coughing up my left lung and head acks and my voice being almost gone. It was hard sometimes to find the drive to do anything. Getting sick in the mission sucks, cause you refuse to stay in cause you know you will just feel worse that you did not do anything. But happily im better, so no worries.  

This week we had a hard time getting in with any investigators. we were able to only get in with one buy this week. But it does not mean that the week was a bust. We ended up having really cool experiences.

The first experience was with this guy named Brian. He is about 25 or so and we meet him knocking doors. We talked to him for a long time, one thing he brought up though is something we hear allot but not the way he did. Cause he brought it up the correct way. Many times people bring up the scripture in revelations were it says basically "do not add or take from this book" and everyone always thinks it means the Bible, which it doesn't. And he knew that, he said he had read it and did research and arrived at the conclusion that it is only talking about "the Book of Revelations" Which is correct! He is the only person i have met that actually knew that. This guy though sounds just like a member of the church and everything he shared is what we teach. So in short we gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us he is going to read all we left him and more and he his going to pray and find out for himself and then in 3 weeks we are to come back and discuses what he read and what he thinks. I truly think he could go far, i cant explain more because it would take to long but we hope big things, also a big miracle is he being white we thought we would have to give him off, but we dont! He married a Girl from Columbia and he speaks Spanish as well. so is perfect!   

The second little miracle happened yesterday tracking, it was weird because at dinner our investigators showed up at the members home and we thought about staying to teach them, but just not feel right about it. So we left and went to knock doors by another member and that is when we ran into a girl named Tiffany, We talked to her for a while as well. She said she has been looking for a new church because hers has changed its views and in moving away from focusing on Christ like discipleship. She knew what church we were from and everything. She said we had caught her at a good time, cause she usually works Sunday evenings. She also has hear allot about our church and kinda scares her, but she is willing to see what it is like, because maybe it could be the one for her. Which it is of course, sadly though we did have to turn her over to English missionary's. But im happy we decided to not teach that lesson and leave. Because in the end we found her. And we might not off knocked there yesterday had we stayed and taught. so im glad we followed the spirit and left.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb     

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21, 2014

Im happy to hear cale enjoyed that trip and that you did as well. I Cant wait to go mountain biking, i make it back in time so we will defiantly go.

 This week was a very good week for us, and i loved it! To start off the weather was very nice and cool. Only about 70 and clouds all over so it was awesome. Also this week I decided it was time to step up my contacting if i wanted to work harder. So I worked through even the awkward contacts like people cutting the lawn, driving out of there driveway, any possible person i could talk to i did. And it payed off for us, we got 108 contacts for the week! A crazy number and the best part is we only trackted 12 hours this week. Which in that time we only need to get 70 contacts so we really killed it.

Nothing special happened this week but it was a great week, I am going to share though something that has really helped me and can help every one. During my studies I decided to pray frequently during them so that i can be more taught by the spirit and learn what the scriptures are truly saying. And i did that, and the effects are amazing. Everything was so much more clear and powerful. It made my studies so much more worth it. I was reading a part in    2 Nephi 1: 21, 23 These scriptures are now my favorite for the invitations they give to us, the powerful callings in which they extend. They tell us to "Arise from the dust, and be men" which to me is the calling God is giving each and everyone of us, To rise up from where we are and take upon us this higher conviction, this higher calling. To be better, to truly "rise from the dust"  I love this scriptures and am trying my best to be a better servant each and everyday. It makes me so happy to know that everyday we can be better than our last and that one day we will reach who we are truly meant to be. 

So as an invitation to end this message (cause we always leave commitments) Try to reach higher, don't be content with where you are. Strive and try to reach this higher calling. And soon you shall get to where you wish to go " Awake my sons; put on the armor of righteousness. Shake off the the chains with which ye are bound, and come forth out of obscurity, and arise from the dust" Verse 23

levantete y siga adelante
Elder Lamb

P.s. 2 Nephi 9 :45

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

The Dominican Republic and Cuba...

Don't know what it is but i feel picked up the wrong mission call, not cause i don't love my mission but because i can only get people from these two country's (especially the Dominican Republic) to listen to anything i have to say and then let us come back. Just this week we found 3 people from Cuba and 5 from the DR hat are letting us come back and teach. Also remember Tulio is from the DR as well.  So i believe they just wrote the wrong country on it, so Gods letting me find all the Dominicans that live here as a compensate :)
So about these family's we found, 2 of the Dominicans were a referral from the Zone Leaders, so we stopped by one evening. they were out side and started talking to them, one of my favorite parts though is that about 5 min in he stopped me and asked where i was from. I told him Utah, he was surprised. He though i was from Puerto Rico or some other country with whiter people. So that made me happy. Then also he knew Tulio, so i guess he is popular down there. But we had a good lesson and the Husband really felt the spirit and we are going back in a couple of days. The other Dominicans that we found were people we found my first week in this area. we decided to go visit a member. as we went in this area we remembered some lady we talked to that first week. so we went by and the husband answered. we told him who we are and we ad been by before. We asked if we could come in and share a message. he said yes. It went great! we are going back to them this week as well.

 The Cuban family we found is not in our area but still awesome. We were on exchange ( I was in the English area, on bike. thought i was going to die) And we were just walking and stopped to talk to them. we talked and then they said something in Spanish to each other, so then i started talking in Spanish. they were really nice and awesome. And as we were getting ready to leave the mom told her son to give us some money. We tried to refuse but he was not having that. so finally he said "If you don't take it ill be offended" so We gave up and took it. But don't worry we gave it to the mission office for the mission fund. Like good little Elders :/  

Other than all this the week was filled with knocking doors again, not much changes. But i do finally truly feel that the morning of this LONG night is very close. Like the saying says "Its always darkest right before the dawn."

My health is doing just fine, Only twice have i been sick my whole mission and they only lasted like 6 hours. so im doing fine. I eat oatmeal every morning, not the 1 min quick stuff but the good stuff. so no problems here.

Con Mucho Amor 
Elder Lamb

 P.s did you get all those pictures i sent? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Another door down, another door down, another door in our face...

That was the theme for this past week for us. But it was not bad. It was really hot though,but we had cool experiences knocking doors. I found this area is allot like gainesville, in that we knock allot of doors. the only difference though is there are no Hispanics! So i feel kinda bad for my companion, i try to control my self but when we run into a Hispanic person i just wont shut up! Then at dinner we eat with the other set of missionarys as well and one is a native, so me and him just blabber away with the members. This area would be super sweet if we can just find another part of town were Hispanics live. I ask them where might be a good place to find them, but they never know. I swear sometimes they dont know anything.

I cant believe she is engaged, i tryed to get her to write an Elder out here. But now she is engaged. I wish we could go camping, that is something that will be awesome to do when i get home. Also snowboarding, it will be getting to be about that time of the year.

One of those experiences i said was with this one guy. So we were knocking doors and we were going up to the door and before we even got there he opened the door and said " I dont want anything to do with the Mormon religion... yada yada yada" He was like 10" from my face and i just stood there with a big smile and just let him go. He finished and wished us good luck and then said "And i appreciate the enthusiasm" My companion was very annoyed with the guy, but i did not care what he said. He has his choice. But then again we went back to the area to finish knocking. As we were going we saw him out side, then he called us over again. My companion did not want to (He was still upset with the guy) But then we talked to him and everything, and by the end he ended up being a cool guy. Not at all interested in what we had to say, but super sincere and cool. So we shared some laughed and then moved on. For me it was cool because i left an open hart for what he had to say and just listened and someone we thought to have been mean, really was a cool guy. Not interested in the slighted but still cool.

We also meet the new mission Prez this past week. He is a very loving person. And they have had allot of experiences that brought them to that point. The father of the 'Mission Mom" was blinded in WW2 but still went on to live an awesome life. They also have a daughter who is handicapped since birth, and to top it off they lost their grandson to Cancer 2 years ago. They are a very loving couple and im excited to of got them as my new mission presidency.

Con Mucho Amor       
Elder Lamb

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 29, 2014

Its has been my first week here in Larwenceville. The only really down side is that there are not as many Hispanic people, not even close. to the amount there are up in Gainesville. But Its ok, because i get to make up for it by being the older companion. So i get to do more of the talking and the teaching. In Spanish, i leave the English door contacts for him. i know thats not how it should be, but i waited a long time to be out of a trio and to be the older companion so im going to speak Spanish!

The area seems to be good. We have to investigating family's. One that has been coming to church for many months but just will not set a date because he is an on the call truck driver and never knows when he will work. I have not met the father yet. But i think he has other reservations as well. So i am going to have to find those out so they can get baptized. the other is not really progressing, nice family but does not do anything. If progress is not made soon i think we will have to drop them.

We have not had allot of crazy awesome things that have happened this week. But i can say it feels allot more missionary's like just being in a companionship instead of a trio. Trios are fun but not always effective. So i have really liked my new area and the feelings i have here. My companion is named Elder Galittli. sounds hard to say but its not. Rindlisbacher was WAY harder to learn. I do miss my car though in Gainesville. I had a Dark Blue 2013 Chevy Cruz and here a have a  Red 2012 Toyota Carola. But hey it still beats bike, right? 

the world cup has not stopped the work at all. They just will never turn the TV off when a game is on, they will just Mute it. We here the scores and stuff cause i always ask about it. 

That really sums up the week, not really to much going on other wise. This next week though will be filled with stuff, i just know it! 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb