2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

can you tell Parker to email me. Cause i want a picture of his car. I have
two comps still. I did get some letters and stuff but that's it.

The beginning of the week was not really all that special. WE had
interviews with our president and we had exchanges. So that is really all
the exciting stuff that happened. It was kinda the end of the week that was
good. So Friday we decided that to make things easier for us to keep track
of stuff we needed a white board. So we went to the home depot that is just
down the street and bout a 8 foot by 4 foot white board. And it was only
$12!! Its really nice for keeping track of stuff cause it right in front of
your face!! then later that night we were helping a member move some of her
stuff and after she gave us a miny fridge for free!! we did not what to
take it but she insisted, so we did.  Then on Saturday we helped clean for
the last time this month, and some of the members found out it was my
B-day. we had dinner with one of them that night. So they wanted to through
me a party. I said not but again they insisted. (they are just always
insisting) it was really small, nothing fancy but it was really nice of
them to do it. They got a cake with my name on it as well. And they ended
up wiping frosting on my face :) Then Sunday we were able to get a new
investigator. His name is Joel. He is the friend of a recent convert. he
has been having some hard times in his life. so he has been wanting to find
God. After church he wanted a blessing. So our branch President gave him a
blessing and we were able to get a return appointment for him at the recent
converts house. He is really ready, He told us he had been going to
different churches for years but never felt what he did at this one. We are
really excited to start teaching him and hope he will remember his feelings
and go with them.

That basically sums up the week, just some knocking doors and visiting less
actives. We were able to contact two less actives and set up return
appointments, they are both really cool people and one of them has a son
who has not been baptized so we are hoping we can teach him as well.

espero que tenga una buena semana!!
Elder Lamb

Monday, April 21, 2014


Yes we still go out if it is raining and cold. im not going to let that stop me from going out, i go crazy staying inside all day. Only if Prez says to stay inside do i stay in.  

I have not ridden my bike in the last 9 weeks, there are no Spanish bike areas. they all have cars. I don't know why they told us to by bikes, we don't use them much. 

That would be super hard to try to readjust right after a mission. So dont plan any thing like trips right after. Give me at least 2 weeks, ok? By the way what did you do about that gun you were talking about. Cause i told some people about it and everyone has said they would do that in a heart beat, cause they are usually about $1,100. so you should so do it. If we have the $ of course. About moving it will be kinda sad but thats fine. Is mom still going to live in the area? Cause the city said i can come back when im done so i dont want to have to travel for ever away to go to work.  

The events of the week went like this for me this week. "do the usual morning line up, then go knock doors, go to a lesson, have it cancel, knock doors again, go to dinner, go to another lesson, have them cancel too, so we knocked doors till we had to go home. The good news is that we got 72 contacts in 5 days so that's good. and we were able to leave allot of blessings with people. so we are getting really good at knocking doors cause its most of our days right now. About Veronica, she is doing great! We went back and when we asked her how her reading was she told us that she had just started from the beginning because she did not want to get confused. we were like "wow" then we taught lesson 2 with her. At one point i felt like she was not understanding, then i remembered i had a diagram of the plan. So i was able to show her and help her. I loved teaching her, the spirit is always so strong during those lessons.   So at the very end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said she would like to. we were about to set a date when she asked "is your church in English, cause i would like to attend an English church" Then right then we were like "crap" we had to tell her no but we could get her to an English ward. Then we had to explain that we would have to send over some other missionary's over to teach her because we could not if she wanted to attend an English ward. So long story short we lost our only investigator to the English sisters in the area. So now all we are doing is knocking doors and trying to follow up. good times good times. but at the very end of the week we were finally able to find someone to teach. Not sure how solid he is but it was nice to teach somebody again. Also an update. Tulio was able to get the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and bless sacrament. He did it perfectly like he knew it, it was really awesome to see him progress like this!

so that is basically all that happened this week. But on the bright side i went to bed dead tired everyday from walking around in the sun all day :) So its safe to say i slept great!!

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb
P.s. i will start taking more photos. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Sorry about last week, it messed up for mom too. But with the gun make sure it is one that shoots 5.56 and not .22 cause that would just be dumb. But just getting the gun is the first step and getting ammo. cause you can always do attachments later. I did get her letter a couple weeks ago and it was really nice to get that from the girls in the ward. Glad to know i did not miss a big vacation, not that it would matter. Thats a really great way to see the story of them in the wilderness and how they had to trust him to feed them day by day and not just hoard the food. And a great way to put it to the scriptures.  

So this week we could not get in contact with Veronica and William this week, so we decided to just stop by and see whats up. We went by and Veronica was weed-whacking her yard, so we went and talked to her. She said she had read what we left and liked it but that someone had told her something about the church. So we asked her to tell us what it was so we could clear it up. And of course it was the "Multiple wives" issue. So we used Jacob 3:5 which talks about the law of only one wife. The rest of the lesson was just clearing up questions and re- inviting her to pray specifically about the Book of Mormon. She really does like what we share though and just with all the opposition she is getting bares testimony that this is something she really needs and the Devil is doing all he can to stop it. 

Besides her we really dont have allot of people. We knock allot of doors in the hopes we will be blessed with either referrals from missionary's or Members. The weather is starting to get hot and i don't like it. Soon i will be swimming, not in a pool but in the air as i walk around because of the humidity. Ugh. I have not used the bandanna yet, maybe soon. But dont worry if i do im getting a white one. Have to look kinda not so gangster :)

I also finished the BOM in Spanish finally this morning!! So now its on to the Bible so i can find more scriptures to teach out of from the Bible. Im really excited!! I did find one about the Word of Wisdom this morning in Numbers 6:3 its a good one.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 7, 2014

I did get your package and it fits just fine thank you, also i am going to use some of that card to buy me some more medicine for my allergies. Im excited that cale gets to go to EFY, that really helped me to make changes and do better. I think it would be good if she could do that, cause nobody is home till later and so he just sits around probably. 

This week was both successful and a little slow. The first 2 days we spent letting Elder Aullue say good bye to all the members. (He had been here for about 6 months) so we let him say good bye to everyone. Then Wednesday  we picked up Elder Mayo. He has been out for about 18 moths. we are still in a trio, which is the best. I don't really like companionship's anymore, mostly cause I've been in more trios then just regular companionship's. More brains to think about stuff to talk about. One cool expire we had was that when we were tracking a random guy pulled up in his car to us and started talking to us. we were able to set up an appointment with him. So the next day we went and to teach them. When we started his sister came down and sat in. As we were teaching we could feel the spirit very strong and i was able to remember a ton of scriptures I did not even know but that i had just heard before and was able to find them and share them. It was a very spiritual lesson. Then at the end she explained to us that we were an answer to a prayer. she had just recently left jail and while she was there she knew she needed to change her life and prayed for someone to help her. We are really excited to be able to go back and teach them latter this week.

We were also to able to have the baptism of Tulio this week!! This one went a little smoother then the one last week. We just had to end up giving the talks again and i had the opportunity to actually baptize him!! It was really special to be able to baptize him. We did a water side confirmation just because of General Conference. Now looking back we should have moved it to this week but its what ever, it happened and we cant do anything about it. But it was amazing to be able to see him take this step, someone we had been working with for about 6 weeks take this step. He also like the session of conference he was able to see. Now we are back into the "Finding" stage of the work. so for the next while we will be knocking allot of doors!!

What was your favorite part about conference? Mine was Priesthood session. Everyone that spoke really made important priesthood keys and why we have them. Also they talked about how woman have the priesthood authority. the put it like " if they were not preaching through the priesthood authority, by what authority would they be preaching?" It was an awesome session. I suggest that you watch it or read it when it comes out. They also talked about how it is the men's responsibility to carry the burdens of the Priesthood just like it is the woman's responsibility to bright life into the world which is a responsibility just as honorable. I can't explain it like they did but it was just awesome the things they talked about. so if you get time i suggest you read over it. 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

P.s. till next week!
P.s.s. is the pollen crazy up there to? cause it coats our car!!
P.s.s.s. I'm dying because of it, and our A/c unit broke :/   
P.s.s.s.s. im thinking of tracking like this to keep the pollen out of my face. can you just imagine. "Hello, I'm a representative of Jesus Christ."