2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

the prep week...

this week was a great week! it was slower on teaching, but we had the opportunity to set up many things for this upcoming week. We did see many miracles this week though! I am super excited for this up coming week because of this past week. but the week was also crazy!

So i went down to Roswell twice this past week to take some elders to the doctor. the first elder I took it did not end up well for him. He ended up getting sent home later that day. That was a sad experience. the second one went well. the elder is fine and while I was in the waiting room I was able to read books with a little kid. that was a neat experience and then I was able to teach the restoration to a Hispanic guy. he actually contacted me, he saw my tag and started talking to me. It was cool to be able to speak Spanish with him. 

we also found an awesome lady this week! I was not there for the first contact ( i was in Roswell) but she is so elect! She use to live my the Oakland temple and took some of the discussions and asked for a book of Mormon because she lost hers. there were still miracles to follow! She came to church yesterday and loved it, she asked one of the members what it takes to be a member of the church. She wants to be baptized! we are going over to teach her on Wednesday. We are going to invite her to be baptized on the 14th of august. She is so ready to follow Jesus.

the diamonds are doing well, we had a great time with them on Thursday. The dale's invited them over to their house for dinner on Thursday and they came. they had a good time and we were able to create a strong bound with the members for them. they were going to come to church on Sunday, but were not able to last minute. Hopefully thought this up coming week they will be able to. 

We were able to set up many things for this up coming week, to many to write them all now. But I am so grateful the Lord is just POURING out blessings on us right now. It has been a long, difficult road getting this area to where it is at. But the blessings are amazing. All I am trying to do is leave this area much better than I found it. I want them to be teaching TONS of people by the time I leave. If i can do that, then I will be pleased.

Con Mucho Amor.
Elder Lamb 

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015- 4 weeks to go!

My favorite hymm is #112 (Savior, Redeemer of My Soul) its an awesome song.
the spirit is always super strong with it. It looks like yall had fun down
there. I am going to talk to them about sending the bike home tomorrow and
find out how much it will be.

Great week...

This week was a wonderful week! Tuesday we had a really good district
meeting. Talking about focusing on the Holy Spirit while we are teaching.
Cause you know, sometimes the teaching environment is not the idea
situation. But no matter what it may be like we just have to listen to the
spirit and the lesson can not be bad. If the people truly want to hear the
message and act on it, it does not matter what's going on. Because the
spirit will be there to bear witness of truth. We did an activity where
they covered my eyes and then someone had to guide me through an obstacle
course while all around me everyone was talking and trying to distract me.
So I had to "listen to the spirit" not withstanding all that was going on
around me. It was a great activity.

Wednesday we had a very interesting day. We went on an exchange with some
elders, we brought both of them to our area but they already had some stuff
set up in their area they needed to do. Like helping this hoarder lady
clean up some stuff. Yep that's right a hoarder lady. Luckily we did not go
inside, but the out side was bad enough. Elder Gosar and I got up on her
roof and sweeper the old leaves off for her. The house is so wrecked! But
it was good to help this lady that needed some help.

Thursday was great! We have been teaching the diamond family on and off for
the last several months. But we have meet with them every week for the past
month and they are doing great! They did their reading that we left with
them and had questions! So that was a huge step. We also brought a member
and his wife over to the lesson and that went great! At the end of the
lesson they invited the diamonds over for dinner this Thursday because they
are feeding us and they said they will be there and the member called them
on Saturday inviting them to church. They said they could not make it that
Sunday, but they will be there this week! They are doing great.

As well we meet with Kayla twice this week. We invited her to be
baptized on the 15th of August. She said she wants to pray about it and
then will let us know. So keep her in y'all's prayers that she will get her

We were able to go to a baptism for elder hiatts old investigator on
Saturday. That was cool because we got one of our investigators to take us.
He is so cool, he liked the service and on our way home he took us to
chipotle for lunch. That was awesome! Then later that day as well we had a
member girl ( Nichole Gregerson) meet us at an apartment complex so she
could get some practice knocking doors. She leaves on her mission in about
a month and a half. We are trying to get all the youth involved in the
work. With out sister missionaries though the women have not been able to
get out nearly as much. So we're trying our best to pick up the slack where
we can.

This was one of the best weeks of my mission and I'm so grateful I still
have some time to have more great weeks like this one. I know I am going to
miss my mission with all my heart, but I know I will never forget it and
all the people I have meet will still be here. This work is awesome and I
don't want to be anywhere else.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

July 20, 2015- Travel Plans!!

Your trip
Booking ref:
20 July 2015
Christopher Kade Barney
Jenessa Melissa Fabrizio
50 East North Temple St
Samuel Albert Johnston
Daxton Michael Lamb
801 240-5111
Matthew Scott Roderick
Lyndie Rebecca Smith
Joshua James Squire
Thursday 20 August 2015

Delta Air Lines DL 1507
20 August 12:15 PM
Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Atl (+)
Terminal: S
20 August 02:10 PM
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl (+)
Terminal: 2
03:55 (Non stop)
Booking status
Economy (X)
Baggage allowance
37B confirmed for Christopher Kade Barney
37A confirmed for Jenessa Melissa Fabrizio
37C confirmed for Samuel Albert Johnston
37D confirmed for Daxton Michael Lamb
37E confirmed for Matthew Scott Roderick
37F confirmed for Lyndie Rebecca Smith
37G confirmed for Joshua James Squire
BOEING 767-300
Food for purchase
Ticket details
E-ticket DL 006-7624022908 for Christopher Kade Barney
E-ticket DL 006-7624022909 for Jenessa Melissa Fabrizio
E-ticket DL 006-7624022910 for Samuel Albert Johnston
E-ticket DL 006-7624022911 for Daxton Michael Lamb
E-ticket DL 006-7624022912 for Matthew Scott Roderick
E-ticket DL 006-7624022913 for Lyndie Rebecca Smith
E-ticket DL 006-7624022914 for Joshua James Squire

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015


That is how I would describe this past week. It was not crazy for what
happened but for just the feelings of the week. It was transfer week
and allot of my friends I have made out here went home. That was the
craziest part of all. To think that this all comes to an end. That the
time you have to serve is so short it goes in basically the blink of
an eye. One of my old companions elder Young went home as well. We did
get the chance to go down to the mission office on Wednesday so I Was
able to see most of my friends for one last time before they went
home. We got to go down there because we were trading in our dumb Ford
Fusion for a Chevy Cruz. I was so happy to hear that! I love the Cruz,
I've driven it most my mission and it's awesome. Sadly the mission
ones aren't manual but soon I'll be able to choose that :)

We were able to see only a couple of our investigators this week. We
went over to the diamonds and had a nice little lesson with them about
keeping the sabbath day holy and the reason we got to church. The
lesson went well and they expressed why they like us coming over and
talking with them. It's been really cool to see them come out of their
bubble a little more really getting into the discussions.

We were also able to meet with bill again. It is awesome teaching him,
he always does his reading and the things we leave with him. We
brought one of our older members along who is a convert and that
helped him allot. This member is also so awesome! He loves the gospel
so much and was such a help. Yes at times we thought he was saying to
much but he brought it back so well every time. Bill has been opening
up allot though, he said his wife has been asking why he is meeting
with us so often and he has shared with her a little of what he has
learned. It has been such a huge blessing to be able to teach him and
hopefully we will be able to start teaching his wife too.

Yesterday evening was a great close to the week. There is this couple
that we are now starting to teach. They are from Liberia and are so
nice. We have been trying to get in contact with them for the last
little while and we're finally able to get in yesterday. We had a
really good lesson with them and the spirit is really strong. I know
that as soon as they read the Book of Mormon they will know it's true.
They also said they would be baptized when they know it's true. So
hopefully the font will be filling soon.

Elder Lamb

July 5, 2015

if you really want the bike set home, we can do that or there is a member here that might want to buy it if you just want that. I dont know if they will send the bike home for free. But i will ask.

continued blessings...

this week was a continuum of last weeks blessings. We were not able to see our people as much as we did the last week. But it was still a really awesome week. we were able to find 7 new investigators this week. That was a huge blessing, one of the goals i set for the rest of my mission is to be teaching at least 6 people regularly who are keeping commitments and doing what we ask of them. I feel like the possibility of having a baptism in this area is small. I still believe it can be done, but my goal is to at least make this area better than I found it and leave it in good shape for the Elder That takes my place. With all the blessings the Lord has been giving us i know that I will be able to at least reach that goal before I go home. 

I had done a study on goal setting this past week and I really felt impressed that it is something I really need to master before i go home. So I sat down this last week and set goals I want to reach the rest of my mission and goals I want to reach before the end of my first semester in school. It was really cool to set these goals and have a vision of something I want to do and become.

Friday and Saturday we the best days of the week. Friday we got a random call from our members asking us if we could go with them to give their friend a blessing in the hospital. This friend is someone they have been working with and have gotten to church once. It is a family of 9! the only problem was that the hospital was just a little out of the mission. So we called our mission president and explained the situation and he granted us permission, ya for obedience! the blessing went well and we were able to talk to him just a little bit.

Saturday was a great day. we had a lesson set up with bill at 9:30 in the morning and were having a hard time finding a team up for it. But we were able to get a member to come with us and it ended up being prefect! they had actually worked together in the prison. We had a good discussion on the last parts of the plan of salvation and he liked it but is still hesitant about coming to church. Soon, soon. Then after we got to go to the baptism of Joseph Bowle. he is someone me and elder Hiatt received as a referral but he lived WAY out of our area. but we contacted him and then gave his info to the elders in his area and he ended up getting baptized! it was super cool. We also got invited to attend by our mission President so we got to go. Then after Joseph came up to us and thanked us for contacting him that first day, he then bore his testimony to us and it was so sweet.

   The finally blessing id like to make mention of is that I get to spend the last five days of my good friend elder flake's mission with him. He goes home on Wednesday and we have been able to spend the last few days with him and its been awesome! but so many members giving us the "going home talk" and its awesome cause ill get to hear it in a few weeks as well :/ But it has been great spending these last few days with one of my good friends I have made out here.
Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb