2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

New Area...

This week has been interesting. It started by dropping off Elder Roberts at the mission office so that he could head home. Then getting in the car with elder young and heading off to our area. The first few days were really getting to know the members. We were also able to teach several of our investigators. 2 family's we are working with are getting super close to being ready to get baptized, the only problem is they need to get divorced from old wives and then get married to the one they are living with. So it is going to be interesting working with that. 

One of my goals that i had for this area was to get all the kids in the branch to just adore me, cause if you win the hearts of the children you win the hearts of the parents at the same time. i have already succeeded with one family called the Chavez. The little kids sat with me yesterday in sacrament and at a baptism after church. So soon the parents will love me too :)

Being back with Elder Young has been awesome, to just see how much we have changed, but stayed the same after all this time away. I am excited to be able to be here working with him.

Elder Lamb 

P.s. this is my old district

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 12, 2015

Happy Birthday!! I hope yall do something good for it. That sister I told you about lives like just on the other side of the park by the house. maybe one day yall will run into each other. That would be cool. It sounds like good things are happing in you group, I keep praying things will go well.

This week was really a blessed week for us. It started off strong with a good lesson at the Suarez's home. I was on exchange with the English elders, so my comp did not speak Spanish. I thought I was going to be doing all the teaching, but the  member that we brought ended up doing it. Which was great! It was not that she was teaching the lesson, as much as she was sharing how they have changed and what the gospel means to her and her family. It was super powerful and touching. I am so glad for member support.

Then later this week one a different exchange my companion and elder farr. went by the house of these people from Uruguay, the wife has a faith in Jesus and the husband does not believe in a God. He believes in a higher power but that's it. They went by though and taught him and her. Richard, his name. He said he would like to find a faith in Jesus and in God. Because he is afraid of death. He said he knows many people who are not afraid of it because of there faith. And that is something he would really like to have. I was not there personally for the lesson but it is very cool.

Friday was a day filled of different things. The first thing that had happened was I received a call from the elders in Gainesville, telling me that morning brother Chavez had passed away. The same guy I talked about in my last letter. I was sad to hear the news, but at the same time I was so grateful I had the chance the week before to see him. The miracle was seeing him was not in the plans, we had for some reason forgotten about a different appointment and decided to go see him. I know that was inspired so I had one more chance to see my friend before he passed away. Then later that day I really saw that I now have another friend on the other side preparing the hearts of the people. We went and visited this referral that we got from the sister missionaries. Her name is jossi, she is 26. she is a little slow on talking and other things, but she is super smart! She remembered perfectly what the sisters taught her and the things she read in the introduction and the video they showed her. Im super excited to teach her. There were more people, but I lack the time.

I just love being here, I have seen how faith is the most important thing in this work. If we do not have faith that something is going to happen, it does not matter how much work we put in, nothing is going to happen. I am keeping my faith up, and the blessings just come rolling in. Even if I go through rough days (like the day right after this awesome one) I still have faith that good stuff will come, no matter what! Let us always take care of the seed of faith we have in us and lets grow giant trees of faith from our tiny seeds we have in us. 

Con Mucho Amor    
Elder Lamb
P.s. here is a quote from stone mountain.

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!! 2015 has finally arrived! super wierd that i will be seeing yall in person this year! Man how time just fly's by. So just quick update on one of my new years goals, The one about writing in my journal at least 3 times a week. Its going good, Ive already written more times this month than last month (that might explain how bad i am at it ) 

But the week started good with an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I stayed in my area for the day (which is what i want) We had good tracting experiences, said allot of prayers with the people on the door step. That is always super cool, just a nice little time in which we can share the spirit with them. Then that night we had a lesson with the Suarez family at a members home, but the member failed to inform us she was going to be having a party that night, so we really had to teach a short powerful lesson. It was on temples and eternal family's, all we did is ask the member to share how the temple has blessed their family, and other questions. But it was really just the member teaching and answering her questions (like it should be) But it was a good lesson. We are really praying and fasting that they will get their answer this month, so they can be baptized before it ends. 

Then I went on exchange with the Gainesville Spanish elders again, We had a good time, and some very interesting tracting experiences :/ But the next day was super awesome. We went to a place called "Good News At Noon" its kinda like a homeless shelter. We went and served food to the people that showed up, we met some very awesome people that came to help that really should just be Mormons, but one day. It was cool to do service like that again. i cant wait to do those kinda things when I go home. Then we went to the McDonald's they have up there, this one is special because it is one of three in the country at which you can build your own burger. And the stuff you put on it is actually real stuff! it was super good and really cool, hopefully one day yall will be able to try it. Then we visited one of my favorite members who is really sick. This man is such an inspiration, he still cracked jokes and had his smile on like he did when he was fine. And he remembered me when I walked in, he asked "are you back?" I had to say no, but I had come to visit him. It was hard to not shed a tear at some times, but it was good. 

  Thats great news about work! I had actually thought about you trying to work with Steve and his group. I thought of some other Ideas for more in the future. But I will save those till I go home, Ill need to get some connections to make it work.  

Also over in the draper 16th ward there is a Family Named the Arbon family. Their daughter is the girl in picture making the flexing pose. yall should go meet them.  

Over all this week was very good and renewing, I cant wait for this coming transfer, It is going to be a time of complete start over. To change my nature and who I am so I can be more like him that sent me, so I can be a better representative of him.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb  

P.s. on Saturday we played soccer with some investigators and less actives, but it was raining and super muddy. But that did not stop us!