2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014

How comes the packing and everything with the house? Is it going really
good and are the kids happy to be able to move or not?

This week that we had was nothing super crazy to report. For three of the
days we had to drive down to the pep-boys that is in Buford just to get our
oil changed. Which ended up just being a huge mess and involved me buying a
part for the car just so we could get it done. I swear mechanics can be so
dumb sometimes. We also went on exchanges with the Zone leaders this week
as well. None of us are the district leader, but we are the only Spanish
elders in the zone. And one of the Zone Leaders just got changed from
Spanish, so he likes to go out with us so he can use his language.  during
that exchange I was in their area for the day. It was really weird being
English all day long. I was excited to go back to my area. The worst part
was at dinner the member  prepared a fancy dinner with several forks and
spoons and stuff. And i was so lost! I had to ask her when i use what fork
and stuff. Because i am just so used to eating with my hands or using a
tortilla I get lost when it comes to that stuff. In the end though it all
worked out and i was able to eat my food.

Also on exchange we knocked into this Catholic guy. he was not interested
in our message but we talked to him for a little while. He said he love to
do all kinds of marathons and to help out with them. He then started
talking about how important it is to stop at all the support stations along
the way. because if you miss even one it is nearly impossible to get those
nutrients back.   And i really got to thinking that it is just like how
life is. To can put that same kind of advice into you spiritual needs. That
if you miss even one day, it can be nearly impossible to get back on what
you missed. We need to take those stops every day, and get the nutrients
from god that our spirits need to be able to stay strong on this race of
life. Even if sometimes we think " I feel strong right now, ill just skip
this one and make sure to stop at the next one." That right there is were
most people will fall, cause they have not the strength to make it to that
next " support station" Not taking EVERY support station in our lives it
could very well end the race for us and then all that hard work up until
then would just be wasted and in vain. So its so important that every day
we got to the well of Christ so that we can partake of that "Living water"
of which the Savior spoke. And if we do so, we will be able to withstand
any difficulty that may enter our lives. (Helaman 5:12)

So there is my week and my little spiritual thing as well. Its been a long
while since i have done something like that. Maybe i will start that up
again. But dont quote me on that.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb
P.s. Here is a picture i took

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Here we actually have washers in the house so we can do laundry when ever we need to. its really nice. We do go to the store and stuff in the morning because the sisters usually email in the morning so we have to go later. Its good that cale is going to pick up soccer. at least Jackson will be able to help him out with that. good thing for them to do. Its to bad he did not eat better so he could be bigger and still play football. but its what ever. 

This last week was a different one. On Wednesday we lost Elder Young from our companionship and picked up Elder Thomas. It was sad to see Elder Young go but new experiences are always good. This past week for the fist 3 days of the transfer felt really different. Not sure if it was just because on new companion or that i would no longer be running the whole zone anymore (ill explain in a minuet) Or what. But it just felt really cloudy and slow. Like we just did not know what to do. It was really different. But on Saturday we were finally able to break this weird feeling. On Saturday we were able to find 4 new investigators and able to set up solid return appointments. Also we went to the wedding of these two young adults in our branch. Which i just happened to put on a tie with colors that matched perfectly so i was super stoked. But durring the party we were able to get a member to go with us to our last appointment for the night. The investigators name is Gustavo. He is from the Dominican republic. We found out that his wife is actually a member of the church, who was baptized along time ago in her county. So if we could get him baptized we would help an investigator and a less active, then with time there two kids when older could get baptized! its really awesome.

Also yesterday at night our appointments fell through so we decided to try to visit a less active from the branch. So we did. when we got to this house we asked the lady if this person lived here. she said no but that we could come in. So we did and find out it was a different family that was also a less active family. we talked to them for a while. The man of the house took a guess on how long we have been out by the rate of our Spanish and the crazy thing is he got them all exactly correct. Which is good cause it means that i am on track for Spanish :)  But at the end of talking we decided to ask them to think of a friend with whom they could share the gospel with as we prayed, and after share who it was. so we all did that. He told us of a friend he had and asked if he could ask his friend and then call us to come over and eat with them one night. It was a really special experience and we are excited to help them and there friend come to Christ. Less active work is something super important and is something i have gained a testimony about. and one of the best things that can be done about it is Home teaching and visiting teaching. If we had these two things really working the less active numbers would be much smaller, i know that to be true.  

Also this week the sister missionary's showed up in our branch, and they live down in Buford. So i no longer have to go down to Buford everyday like in the past. Which is kinda sad cause i liked those long drives but this will help us get allot more of the work done here!! But that really sums up the week that i had. Not anything else to report.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

we just went to Buford cause it was covered by other missionarys but president took them out for along time so we had to cover both areas. we dont really do senior comps. but i would be cause i have the most time in this area so i do most of the leading for what we do. and he has been out about a year. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

It was great to talk to you yesterday aswell. we will just have to talk Spanish on Christmas i guess.

today was transfer call day. we found out we are losing Elder Young and getting another Elder. So i will have spent 4 transfers in a Tri-companionship by the end of next transfer. I kinda want to go back to just 2, but what can i do? Its good you have that 3 people experience for a while. they are great but i feel like it the "tradition" to be in with just 2 people. so i kinda want it back. 

This past week has been a good one. we were able to see allot of cool things. We are really being able to find more people to teach and get more sincere return appointments. We found one guy this week named Gustavo. he is also from the Dominican Republic. He meet with missionary's 2 or 3 times there but never really had time. We talked with him when we were knocking doors and left a prayer with him. We then went back two days later and taught the first lesson to him. He was kinda hung up on why we talked about Joseph Smith. because he did not care who wrote the book or Mormon and who restored the stuff. He just said "if its true, its true. it does not matter who did what." So he took the book of Mormon and said he would read it. Then his wife showed up and said she was baptized a "Mormon" along time ago. So less active work two :)

Then sunday we meet new people at church. They were brought by members and we had never meet them before. so we were able to set up lessons and they said they liked church. We also had several members tell us they have friends they are talking to about the church and want to set up appointments for us. So the branch is really getting into missionary work. its awesome to see. Friday we had a party for all the mothers in the branch, we were the waiters for all of them. It was crazy!! I was running like a mad man. It also did not help that i dont know foods in Spanish so that made kinda a problem. but by the end i was so dead i keep falling asleep in my chair. a bunch of the kids in the branch kept coming over and shaking me awake. It was cute but man was i tired. 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014, Cinco de Mayo!

This past week had some crazy turns and some awesome experiences. to begin last Pday i ate some food i am allergic to, but did not know i was. So i ate allot of it, then that night i was so overloaded with allergens. The next day i was dying. We were on exchange to, so needless to say it was a SLOW day :) the next day though was better, we were able to go out and knock a few doors and talk to some people, then later that night we went to teach Joel. We went to our recent converts house "Mando" And had the lesson with Joel. Joel really liked what we were sharing and really liked feeling the spirit. He learns a little slower so we tried to break it down allot so he could understand better. Then at the end we asked if he would be baptized. He asked why is it important. So i asked Mando to share his testimony on his baptism and how his life has changed because of it. He has a very powerful experience about it and it really helped Joel understand why it is important to be baptized when we are older. so he accepted the date of the 24 of may. so we are excited for him.

Then this last Saturday we were able to get back in with Michael Bizzoto again. He used to be on date but then one day just disappeared. but we got back in with him and his dad (who is a less active) we did not go in with anything planned. We just went in and taught what he needed. We were able to get his questions out of them and help him understand. One big one was the book of Mormon. He wanted to know why it is necessary. We explained it like this "pretend one book, say the bible is one dot. how many lines can you draw though one dot? millions right? same with how you can get so many churches from one book. But say you add another dot, so you have two. How many lines can you draw that go though both dots? That's right, just 1. Same with the book of Mormon and the bible. with two books you can only get one way to understand the Gospel of Christ." it is a great way to explain the BOM to people. The whole time as well he just keep saying "I just want to know" So we challenged him to read and to pray. We have another appointment with him this week. We hope all goes well with this.

Te quiero mucho
Elder Lamb