2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June, 16, 2014

That was me at our fathers day activity we had. a member wanted to take photos and send them to yall. so we did. it was a fun party and it was the last time i got to see tulio. By the way i found out he is a really big Political figure down there with alot of power. Not exactly sure why he was here, get baptized i guess. But we got a free place to stay and cars to drive if we ever go down there.

This past week was a better one, not in the fact we had more people to teach but that i learned some very cool lessons this week. First i learned while we were on a hike at this water fall. Its not so much a hike as it is climbing Hundreds of stairs. But this is what i learned as i went. We all started at the same point at the bottom. At the top though there was this really awesome view off the mountain with the water fall and this really pretty grove.but as we climbed everyone kinda trailed off at their own speeds. Some sprinting to get to the top while others were really taking time and were seeing things along the way. And as i stopped at one point to take a picture i realized something very cool about this life. That through this life we all go at our own pace. All on the same path towards eternal life. But it is our choice how fast we go. Cause the goal is the same and so is the reward. So the best part of the journey was that view at the top so the ones who sprinted got to see it first and enjoy their hard work they put in to get there. And slowly with time the others would show up as well. So in turn got to see the view as well, but the ones who went slower shared their photos they took of all these other pretty views they saw. While those that just sprinted their did not get to see them cause they ran so fast. So in the end both efforts were Nobel and both received their reward. But who saw more? the ones who sprinted or those that took time to see all that was out there? I believe this is like life, we can choose to sprint through it and receive our the BIG reward, but in turn miss all the little wonders along the path or we can slow down and look and still go forward knowing one day we will have our reward, but not only be able to delight in the view up there but also in the small views we saw along the way. So let us go slower and enjoy all the small things God wants us to see. 

Then second, So as i kinda said last week in my letter that people would listen to us and said our message sounded true, but were not willing to take any steps to know truly. So thats were a cool lesson comes in, I have been reading in the old testament. I am at were the Israelites   Have had many problems and wars and every time they went out to battle their enemy's would fear because they knew of the wonders their God had done for them in Egypt. Then in one specific part the Philistines take the Ark of the convent and set it next to a statue of their God, end every morning the Statue was fallen before the Ark. And their people were afflicted and they knew it was because they had the Ark of God. But even after all that they still choose to believe in their own God, even though they had so many witnesses that the God of Israel was real. And it hit me like a rock, that it does not matter if they know if it is true or not, if they them selves Choose not to do anything. God has given us the freedom to choose and there is nothing we can do to stop that. Jesus never forced people to believe, but always felt sorry when they didnt. Its just like out here, we bring the message, the evidence and the spirit. So many things that should get them to change, but in the end if they dont want to there is nothing we can do or even should do cause it is there God given right not to.   

Siempre Con Amor
Elder Lamb

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