2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014

to start, I dont need any church shoes for Christmas, I have like 4 pair
and i know a member already bought me some more for Christmas. That makes
the 3rd pair i have gotten from members our here. I could use some tennis
shoes though. All i have is those white ones i had when i was back at home,
so they are basically done. And yes i am a size 12 1/2 ( 1/2 just to be
safe) Other than that im good. Their are lots of others out there that need
help this Christmas. Thank you for sending me those cloths, they did get
here in time and i was able to use them. Thank you for doing that. I keep
praying that your business will get up and going quickly, maybe this is to
help you. Its just like letting old investigators go, you always see

Not going to lie this week was a bit slower for us. Kinda stunk, but it was
fun at the same time. So here in the Spanish branch the members will always
fall back on the missionary's if they need something done. So they had
asked us if we could play the wise men in some live nativity thing they
were doing. we were like ya sure what ever, it wont take up allot of time.
man were we wrong! almost every night this last week we had to do some
kinda of practice and one day we had to record what we were going to say.
it was really fun and cool to see it come together but man it took up allot
of time. so on Friday we had our branch Christmas party. It was fun to be
able to see the preparation come together. the only thing that went wrong
is that as i walked into the room i almost lost my crown from off my head
because i through my arm quickly to add a dramatic entrance. but it ended
well, dont worry i have photos that i will add. we also go to see Santa as
well! and we did not fail to get photos with him!

on Thursday we had our Christmas party. that day was really fun! so about
mid day we had teamed up with the fire department and the red cross to go
around this neighborhood and install fire alarms in peoples homes. it was
really fun and easy, i don't think the could have found better people to do
door contacting or getting into homes. out of the 6 doors that opened to
the group i lead we got into 5 of them, the only reason we did not get into
the other is because they said they keep up with their fire preparation
monthly. I also had taken time that week to learn new Spanish vocab so if i
ran into Hispanic's people i could tell them what we were trying to do.
then later that evening we had our Christmas fireside, and i got to see my
old companions and other friends i have made through out the mission. it
was super awesome to see them again. Then that night we got permission to
do a sleep over with the elders we were going to give a ride to in the
morning when we went to the temple. the temple was amazing like always, i
wish i had the opportunity to go more often. But i will be back there in
march when the Simmental family from Gainesville goes to get sealed. Which
will just be amazing to see these people that have literally become my
family become an eternal unit. i cant wait, it will be the best day of my
mission with out a doubt.

Then yesterday we had the 2 baptisms, it was the youngest kids of the
family we baptized last month. It was so great to be able to see them
become united finally in this great gospel they have come to love, it will
be an amazing day when they become sealed in the temple next year. Now our
next step is getting the Suarez family baptized so about this time next
year they can be baptized. If you could get Adriana Suarez and Cherry
Suarez in your prayers, asking they may know this is what they should do i
would be eternally grateful.

also i was bummed I missed steve. That would have been super cool to see him. i dont know what the mission president would have thought. would not have bothered me so i think he would have been fine. 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb

P.s. the first picture is the family that got baptized, the second is all of us that were in the play!

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