2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

Little by little, step by step...

this was a long week, the week leading up to transfers always is. Just the anticipation of change, in your companionship or in other peoples companionship's. Nothing changed with me and my companion, we are staying together, I have mixed feelings about that, but it will be good. He is a great guy and I am definitely developing some traits that will help me out  the future. We are losing our sister set we have here and its getting replaced with elders, so that will be fun! That will make 3 companionship's living in our complex.

This week we went on exchange and had the most wonderful lesson! I was in my area with Elder Thompson. We had some really good contacts in the morning, we actually were able to give a Book of Mormon to a Bosnian man. It was cool. But the highlight of the day was when we went and visited the Diamond family. They are an investigator family we are teaching. And sister Diamond had the question " why did Jesus need to die and how does his sacrifice effect the whole sceem of things" She said nobody had ever been able to give her and answer that brought conclusion. So we told her we could answer her question, but to truly understand we would have to explain the plan God has for us. So we started at from the Pre- earth life and taught the whole plan. It was amazing to see the spirit teach her, as we were going through the plan she kept saying " That makes sense, it getting clearer." then by the end of the lesson she told us she understands, that we answered her question. She told us nobody had every explained it so clearly and in such a way. It was a testimony to me that the spirit truly does the teaching. Because it was my first time teaching the plan in English and I kept tripping over my words and saying things backwards, cause im not accustomed to teaching this in English yet! but she understood clearly and her concern was answered. She then texted us the following day thanking us again for the lesson, that it brought her allot of peace and understanding. It was truly a blessing.

Thank you for the pictures that you sent, I cant wait to get up into the mountains next year. It is going to be so awesome! Im glad yall made it home safely, my prayers are working :)

Im going to cut it here because Im going to write another email about something I learned in my personal study yesterday and I need time to do it. 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lamb        

What do you do during pressing times?
So this question has been on my mind for a while, because collectively everything has been going down hill for us here and its discouraging at times. we know everything is in Gods time and in his way, but sometimes its just so hard to accept it and have faith. We usually pray for deliverance from our trials rather than asking to enjoy them. Enjoy them? how can we enjoy a trial? Its a question that does not go along with how everything is going on outside of our control, but on how we face them from the inside.  

To start this teaching I must share one of my favorite scenes of any movie I have ever seen. It is in Harry potter Part 1 of the deathly hollows. It is the scene where Harry and Herminie and sitting in the tent in the middle of no where. then Harry stands up and and grabs her and then they dance. This scene has always stuck with me and I found out why yesterday.

To start you must do this, Go find the movie and find this scene and watch it, and as you do so think of these questions:

1. What are their circumstances? 
2. how are they at first?
3. what is playing in the background? 
4. how are they when they first start dancing?
5. how are they by the end?
6.What changed?


1. they stink! they are being chased all over the place and people are trying to kill them. pretty bleek.
2. they are sad, just sitting around lost and down.
3. music, music is playing.
4. they are unsure and its different.
5. they were calm and reassured.
6. nothing on the out side changed, only what was on the inside.

This does have gospel meanings in all of it! Like them, many times in live we have problems that are all around us, things that we can not change on our own or things that arnt changing in the near future. Many times these problems leave us like they were, sad and depressed. Thinking of all that is going on and how we can do nothing about it. But there is something important to recognize. The music! Each and everyone of us has music playing in our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ! it plays in the background of all our lives, inviting us to do something, dance! Jesus wants us to stand up and enjoy the gospel and love that he is giving us. In the movie Harry decided to change something. was it their circumstances? no, it was what he could change, their attitudes. How they acted in the circumstances. Like Harry we all arrive to these times where we have to make a choice. To stay seated and wollow, or stand up and change what we can. We can stand up and choose today to stand up and dance to the music of the gospel. But did he do it alone? no, he saw his friend sadden and down just like he was. So what did he do? he got up, walked over and lifted her as well. In our lives we can choose to rise up from our chair and dance alone, or dance with others as well. Their are many people that need us to invite them to live the gospel and help them dance. At first it was slow for them, they were unsure. As it is in our lives as we choose to trust in the lord more and more and dance to His music. But like them, as we do so it we will dance faster and enjoy it more and more. and as we learn to dance and find the joy that comes with it we too will find peace. Just as in the movie their problems did not leave, our may not change as well. But what does is how we see these problems and our courage to face them.

This taught me that although our circumstances maybe out of our control, how we view them is not. It is our choice if we will stand up in courage to live the gospel of Christ. It is our choice if we will just be happy dancing alone or invite others who's hands hang down low. Just like Harry and Herminie I cant change my problems, i cant make people believe or let us in. But I can change my attitude toward them. I can stand up and invite them to dance, but hey can refuse. I can also reach out to members and invite them to dance and to share the gospel. I can lift those that are around me right now and help them find peace in their trials and to love the music of the gospel. 

I know that I am not in control of my circumstances, but I know I can choose how I view them. I know the Music of the gospel does exist, i do know that it is the cure to our sadness and dispair. I know if I stand up and dance to the Saviors Music I will find peace, and as I invite others to rise up from their seats of sadness I will find joy in the dance of the gospel. I know God lives and loves us, Jesus is the Christ and His gospel will help us in any trial that may come up in live. And i do know we always have the power to change our attitude.      

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