2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Meetings, meetings and more meetings...

Man I am so tired of meetings! I just want to get out and do something, ya know? Im not going to lie I loved these meetings, but man it took SO much time out of our week. 

So to start off the meetings we had, we went to one of my old districts in which I was the district leader. There are still two people there that were there when I was the DL. The meeting was good, very inlighting. The best part I believe is where we ate after the meeting. So back story, When I was in Norcross one of my investigators was opening a restaurant but i did not know where it was at. Well now I do! We went to his restaurant and ate. It was so cool to be able go see this place that he had working on for so long open and doing good. There were random people in there eating so it was good to see that. The food was really good as well. Then we went on exchange for the day. I went with Elder Henderson. We went out and knocked on some doors and had great experiences. the first two were really good contacts, in which we got to very quickly teach the restoration with the pamphlet and leave them with it. We did not find anyone there that was prepared to recive the gospel right then but we were able to plant seeds and i truly feel we fulfilled our purpose there. 

Wednesday started off with a mission leadership council at 10 in the morning, Elder Zwick from the presidency of the 70 came and talked to us. We had all been sitting quietly studding before the meeting and when it started he really hit hard the importance of reverence, it was good. I had gone to the meeting with the sole question of how to help the missionaries of the Zone and I received good instruction on how. It was to show and expanse of love and caring for the individual. I learned allot from him in this meeting. Also he made a HUGE announcement. That on the 20th of May our mission is going to be getting Ipads to do the work. It was really interesting to hear that.

later that night we had a fireside over in Roswell. just so you know our earlier meeting ended at 3 and this was at 7 and about 2 hours away. So needless to say we did nothing on Wednesday. But at the fireside he went over the importance of member missionary work and more togetherness with the ward council. It was really good, we are really trying hard right now to inspire the members to do the work. cause referrals are just the best way to teach. It will be fun to do the missionary work as a member :)   

Then Thursday we had a Zone conference with Elder Zwick. This was my favorite meeting , Cause I went to it with questions I had on what I could do to be better. I am so grateful that about 9 months ago I decided to get a study journal and right down this kind of stuff so I dont loose it. The question I had was "How can I make my relationship stronger with Christ?" The answer came to me little bits at a time but it came clear at the end. Seeing Elder Zwick you can just see how strong his relationship is with Christ. And for the past 20 so years he has been teaching about the gospel. Thats when the answer came. That to keep it strong and growing I must do what the savior always did, teach. If you want to come close to Christ what do you do? do as he did, one of those things being teaching. "always teach what you learn and you will learn while you teach" because when we teach what we have learned we are teaching truth and when you teach truth the spirit is there and when you have the spirit you learn new truths as he directs you. Teaching is the best way to learn. Thats why we dont have pastors, so others can teach and be taught.

Im excited to come home and do FHE with the family. We were never really good at that, but I have learned how important it. I am also excited to come home and to more stuff with my siblings, including Jackson and Brooke, they are my siblings as well. I hope all of the snow comes next year so I can enjoy it. 

This week was rough for the work, everything kept falling through, but we had so many rich experiences. Accomplishing what the Lord would have us do. Not being able to put down a number, but knowing in our hearts we did right. thats all that really matters, is what God thinks of us. Im excited for this week. We will have struggles, for which Im excited because Ill have the chance to grow. I know this work is true and the things I have done are good and am so happy I have 5 months left to do what I can for this people I love.

Con Confianza
Elder Lamb   
P.s. franklin got baptized!

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