2 Nephi 22:2

2 Nephi 22:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.

Monday, March 3, 2014

February 23, 2014

This week was truly a blessed week. it started by finding out that my area
> is not what i thought it was. The Elders up here have really been doing
> great work. They had a family baptized about 3 weeks ago. The first
> baptisms in this branch since May. The reason i had heard that they were
> lazy missionary's is because for the longest time this area has had
> disobedient missionary's and nothing else. So everyone just thinks who is
> up here is a lazy missionary. But we are on the quick track to fixing that.
> We now have 3 people on date and were able to find a new family to teach.
> We got this family by a referral from the zone leaders.  when we went there
> we gave her a blessing cause she was sick and wanted it. After she started
> crying and said she knew that what we had said would help her become better
> and that what we said was true. we are going back on Thursday with a
> member. we are really excited about it!
> In just the last 4 days we have seen so many miracle's. we were able to put
> another of our investigators on date for the 22 of march. and on Thursday
> we were able to get 7 other lessons and a lesson with a recent convert. we
> found 2 potential investigators that day as well. this weekend though was
> amazing. So on Friday we received a text about this less active that needed
> help moving. None of us knew who this family was but we jumped on the
> chance to help them. We went over and helped them move, we were going to
> have to make several trips and it was far. So to save miles we rode with
> him in his truck. It was the best thing we could have done. He opened up to
> us about his whole life and how not to log ago things were going really
> great, he had allot of money, big house, nice car, most the things you
> could want in life. But the one thing he did not have was his family.
> Because of work he could only see them once a day during the week. And he
> hated it. So he eventually quit his job because he thought he had another
> one lined up. But he ended up losing both and everything he had. The house
> foreclosed, car repossessed and his money. Then him and his family and to
> live in a one room house in the ghetto. But he was finally able to find a
> job that does not pay allot but enough for their needs. (we helped them
> move into there new house) but during all this time he was less active. But
> he told us he wanted to start coming back to church cause he wants his
> children to have that good foundation. And they did! They came back to
> church yesterday for the first time in who knows how long. We are really
> going to work with them to help them stay active because they are awesome.
> It really helped build my testimony about helping less actives come back.
> Because although baptisms are great and its what we are here to do, if we
> can help less actives come back to activity its is just as amazing. Because
> they to can partake in salvation and there children as well and then on and
> so forth. Just by reactivating a family you help bring salvation to
> countless souls in the future years.
> And is that not why we are here? Some think if its not a baptism then its a
> waste of time and you are not being fruitful. But helping ANYONE come to
> Christ more fully in never a waste of time or effort. Because are calling
> is to help find the new sheep, but also to find the lost sheep. And here we
> have over 100 lost sheep in this branch alone, so we are going on a search
> and rescue mission to find them. And we will see what new sheep we can find
> along the way. Im very excited to be in this area. Our work is cut out for
> us here, but we will do it. We are ready and willing and we will do all we
> can before the sun sets and our time to work is finished. We will not waste
> one day cause we cant afford a wasted second. so we will work with our God
> to the salvation of many souls.  Cause with God, nothing is impossible.
> Im happy to hear that you did not lose Zeke, would not have been happy, bet
> you would not have been either. But thats funny to hear that she pooped
> every where. Instead of the orange bag i usually use a pillow case. Its a
> little bigger and easier to get here in. But thank you for taking car of
> her. Thank you for those quotes of encouragement. I have tried talking to
> cale about school but he just does not seem to give a crap. so ill keep
> trying though.
> Con Mucho Amor
> Elder Lamb
> P.s. this is my bed

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